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Lexington Meal Delivery Service

The Horse Capital of The World isn’t just a playground for equestrians – it’s a food-lovers paradise. With a perfect blend of classic Southern comforts and international cuisines, you can’t go wrong for flavors in Lex. But when it comes to getting food that nourishes your body and tastes great too, that’s where Fresh N Lean thrives. We deliver wholesome, homemade meals right to your doorstep, each and every week. It’s healthy eating made easy.

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Weekly Lex Meal Delivery

The best way to top off a long day at the races is to enjoy a meal that tastes as great as it makes you feel. Simply sign up to one of our Paleo, Vegan, Protein+ or Low-Carb plans and receive a fresh batch of dishes delivered to your home (or office) every week. It really is as simple as that.

Beyond the Grits

At Fresh N Lean, we’re up to our eyeballs in herbs and spices, always trying to concoct the perfect blend of flavors. When people say healthy eating is boring, we say “neigh”. You can skip the grits and opt for our Coconut Macadamia Oatmeal, and enjoy a varying weekly Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu inspired by global cuisines.

Always Fresh

From the Bluegrass County parks to the world-famous Horse Farm, Lexington has always harbored a strong connection to nature. We’re on the same page at Fresh N Lean, sourcing the highest-quality whole foods from the natural world and transforming them into home-cooked delights. Everything is delivered fresh to your doorstep (never frozen) for optimum taste and nutrition.

Filled with Goodness

We’re passionate about crafting meals that allow you to thrive. Our dishes don’t just taste great, they’re packed with important nutrition too — from antioxidants and micronutrients to protein and fiber. This means more energy for you to get out there and live your Lex life to the max.

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Meal Delivery Service in Lexington, KY

Full Bluegrass Coverage

Wherever you are in the Lexington-Fayette area, we’ve got you covered – from Downtown Lex to neighboring counties like Bourbon, Clark, Jessamine, Woodford, and Scott. Pick your preferred meal plan and we’ll ship your meals to your door once a week, ready for you to heat up and dig in whenever you please.

Bourbon-Ready Meals

If you’re fond of a glass of Kentucky Bourbon, good news… The world-famous whiskey pairs perfectly with sweet and smoky flavors – just like those found in our Chipotle Dual Bean Bowl and Sriracha Tamari Vegetables. Whatever your favorite cuisine, we have an ever-changing weekly menu filled with classics from around the world.

Fit Your Lex Life

At Fresh n’ Lean, we’re committed to putting the ‘Lex’ in ‘flexible’… We’re not entirely sure what that means, but essentially, we want you to have your say when it comes to the food you put into your body. After picking your plan, you can select how many meals you’d like per day, add additional sides and snacks, and omit up to 3 ingredients if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. Easy peasy.

Southern Hospitality

While being super healthy and affordable, our meals are designed to instill a feeling of warmth and comfort found in Southern classics. On top of that, to make things as easy as possible for you, delivery is free and totally flexible. Want your meals shipped to the office or a hotel instead of your home address? No problem. Let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

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