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No Prep, Just Select The Ready-To-Eat Paleo Meals You Want. Enjoy an authentic Paleo Diet experience of Organic Ingredients Fresh from Farm, Prepped by Chefs.

Starting at Just $8.99* Per Meal

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FDA-compliant, preventative measures to ensure your food supply is free from contamination and foodborne illness.


Fresh, never frozen, quality ingredients and produce free from GMO and artificial preservatives.


Select your meals every Tuesday, choose from over 100 menu items every week. Fresh never frozen, sustainably-sourced meals.

Paleo Meal Delivery, Made Easy.



Your meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Unpack and put them in the fridge.


No time? No problem. Just heat-up when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in-between. We cater for your diet.

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Every week, meal plans are delivered to your door, nationwide.

  1. Chill

    Your meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Unpack and put them in the fridge.

  2. Heat

    No time? No problem. Just heat-up when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.

  3. Eat

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in-between. We cater for your diet.

  4. Repeat

    Every week, meal plans are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Organic Paleo Meals Crafted in the Wild.

Buffalo In a Field

Nothing artificial, just real food. As nature intended. Finding a quality meal to support a simpler, healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. All our pre-made meals are filled with responsibly sourced produce, wild-caught seafood and sustainably raised meat. Feel grounded with soy-free and completely grain-free food. Without a trace of dairy or a slice of bread in sight, this clean calorie diet can help you thrive in the modern world by keeping you rooted in nature.

Naturally Sweet Eats, Savory Hearty Meals.

Taking a bite of squash

With inspired seasonings and rich sauces thrown in for good measure. Succulent red, white and oceanic proteins, oily walnuts and pecans, fresh fruit, clean greens and baked potatoes. Paleo snacks include soft Muffins and enriching Cranberry Oatmeal. A fulfilling variety of nature’s best dish.


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Grass-Fed Beef

Healthy in, Healthy out 

Fewer calories than your average beef. More healthy fats such as omega-3 which helps reduce inflammation and is a better option for the environment.

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Never (Ever) Antibiotics

Never Any Hormones 

Meat and Poultry that has not had any antibiotics or hormones at any point in time. We are not your doctors; we want you consuming quality meat – not medicine. 

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Organic Ingredients

No GMONo Preservatives 

A no brainer. Fresher produce, less pesticides and less toxic residue. Organic farming also supports Mother Earth’s natural state. 

Icon of chicken

Free Range

Roaming Fields, Under Open Skies 

It wouldn’t be a truly paleolithic diet if cows and chickens were in cages. They are in an open space, as they had been throughout history.  

Icon of farmer

Humanely Raised

Raised responsiblycruelty-free 

We do our utmost to make sure the beef, chicken and fish you consume is handled with dignity, so you can eat with peace of mind. 

Pack your Fridge with on-the-go Paleo.


Delivered every week to your door, so you don’t get hungry. A weekly subscription of caveman food groups, so you don’t get bored. They stay refrigerated until they’re ready to be eaten – and they are ready-to-eat in 3 minutes. Just heat and eat. Easy Paleo.

Reconnect to your Roots.

Open Crop Field

Connect with nature. Excluding overly processed ingredients and artificial foods – a source of many degenerative diseases. Our simple but effective diet of meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and nuts can be a huge boost to your overall vitality. Helping with healthy heart development and balancing body sugar levels. It’s food that our bodies have evolved eating for a very, very long time and works for reasons it already understands.

Paleo Eat Like a Pro
Paleo Eat Like a Pro


*Macros Per Meal Based on FDA Guidelines

Questions About Our Paleo Plan?

We’re here to help. Not sure if our Paleolithic meal plan is right for you? Check out the FAQs below or give us a call.

  1. Why should I choose the Fresh N Lean Paleo diet?

    As you’ve probably seen, we like to talk about the quality of our ingredients. Nothing artificial, frozen, GMO and all of it is guaranteed to be organic, grain-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. Of course, we make it extra convenient by cooking it and delivering it. An easy choice.

  2. Is the Paleo Meal Plan right for me?

    Our Paleo Meals are most suited to those that are trying to restrict their intake of processed foods and refined carbs, while maintaining a good dose of protein, fats and natural carbs. People from all walks of life can do well with a Paleo Meal Plan, from gym enthusiasts to workaholics who want a healthier diet to boost their energy. An unquestionable benefit for you with this plan is simply cutting out the foods that are not good fuel for your body.

  3. Can I choose my meals?

    Yes. You can select the exact meals you want delivered each week. Every Wednesday you’ll receive an email reminder to go to your dashboard and pick your meals.

  4. I really don’t want bread or beans. Is my Paleo plan completely grain and legume-free?

    Yes, absolutely. Your Paleo meal plan is grain and legume-free.

  5. I prefer eating Fish but avoid grains. Can I have a pescatarian diet with a Paleo plan?

    A fish heavy diet does work with a paleo diet. Since we make limited quantities there may be duplicate meals in your deliveries.

  6. Will I lose weight on the Paleo diet?

    You certainly can lose weight with a regular Paleo Meal Plan. The clean calories (healthier fats from lean proteins) with the exclusion of processed foods is supportive of a slimming diet.

  7. When do meals arrive? Flexible delivery date?

    Meals arrive on your doorstep every Friday. You can adjust to a later day if you prefer.

  8. Where do you deliver?

    We can deliver to any address in all 50 States of the US. Home, hotel, office, campus – anywhere.

    Shipping can cost up to $9.99 on orders below $100. Orders above $100 any given week qualify for Free Shipping in the 48 contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska may be billed shipping regardless.

  9. Can I use the Paleo plan if I have an allergy to nuts?

    No, we use nuts in all the meals in the form of crushed, whole, or oils.

  10. Can I eat the Paleo Meals if I am lactose intolerant?

    We’re happy to report that all our Paleo Meals are dairy-free (as one should hope!) so yes.

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