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    Opt for our Paleo meal plan - paleo-friendly dishes that are free from grains, dairy, and legumes, but packed with nourishing grass-fed meats and organic veg.

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    Your delicious paleo meals are freshly made by our professional chefs and delivered straight to your home. Simply store the heat-proof containers in your fridge.

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    When you're ready to refuel, just reheat your meals in the microwave (or over the campfire) and enjoy delicious paleo grub that our caveman ancestors would be proud of.


Fresh n’ Lean paleo meal delivery service offers premade meals that are always:

  • Scratch-Made Meals Scratch-Made
  • USDA Organic Ingredients Organic
  • GMO-free Clean Label Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free Meal Plans Gluten-Free
  • Non-Dairy Recipes Dairy-Free
  • Low-Fat Nutrition Low-Fat
  • Ready-made and Delivered Free Delivered Fresh
Ready-to-Eat Paleo Diet Meals

Hassle-Free Paleo Delivery

Chef-prepared paleo meals that nourish your body and taste incredible.

Fresh n’ Lean paleo meal delivery service takes the hassle out of eating paleo by delivering perfectly-portioned and fully prepared dishes that are ready to eat in 3 minutes. Each week you’ll receive a delivery of fresh paleo-approved meals that are nutritionally balanced and taste great.

Why go Paleo? Around 10,000 years ago, we humans drifted from our natural way of eating and living – ditching our nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles in favor of farming. This convenient new tech allowed us to sit put and grow foods we’d rarely eaten before. The issue? Many believe our modern, processed diet is a big driver behind the health and obesity epidemic we see today.

That’s why more and more people are going back to their caveman roots, eating like their paleo ancestors. The big challenge is doing so in a modern world, as ordering takeout and fast-food is often cheaper and more convenient than eating a natural diet. At Fresh n’ Lean, we’re making paleo easy again. It’s time for ancestral eating to meet modern innovation.

Paleo made easy

No more spending hours scouring the grocery shop for paleo-friendly food or wasting precious family-time on meal prep. At Fresh n’ Lean, we take all the hassle out of paleo eating. Simply choose our Paleo meal plan and we’ll do the rest. Each week, our pro chefs cook up culinary masterpieces and they get delivered fresh to your doorstep.


Everything included in our paleo meal plans is completely free from grains, pseudograins, legumes, dairy, GMOs, processed ingredients, and additives. Instead, you’ll find plenty of grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, free-range poultry and fresh vegetables – exactly how our ancestors ate, but even tastier! Everything is caveman-approved and cooked using whole foods, with no hidden nasties.

Delicious dishes

Going back to the stone age doesn’t mean your taste buds have to suffer. Our mission is to provide quick meals that nourish your body and excite your palate. Each delicious dish on our changing weekly menu is scratch-made by professional chefs and inspired by cuisines from all across the globe – from South America to Continental Europe.

Locally-sourced produce

We strongly believe that you can eat a wholesome diet while nourishing the planet at the same time too. To cut our carbon footprint and provide you with the closest thing to wild food, all of our fresh produce comes from local farms and changes with the seasons. Free delivery to anywhere in the U.S. is included with every purchase.

What’s In Your Paleo Box?

  • A collection of low-carb, nutrient-dense, paleo-friendly meals that taste incredible.
  • Antibiotic-free grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and free-range poultry.
  • Organic, non-GMO, seasonal vegetables sourced from local producers.
  • Take a pass on hunting and gathering – nationwide delivery is included free.
Starting at:
$11.50 Per Meal
$79.90 Per Week
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Eating Paleo Diet Food

Why Opt For Paleo Food Delivery?

Going against the grain on the quest for health and longevity.
From improvements in blood sugar to body composition, modern science has shown a number of potential benefits of adopting a paleo diet. However, doing it alone isn’t always easy. Sourcing fresh, paleo-friendly produce is often expensive and time-consuming – not to mention the challenge of prepping meals that actually taste good.

With our paleo diet delivery, our mission is to break down all the barriers holding you back from eating well and living your best life. Let us handle the details, so you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing the things you love.

Ancestral knowledge

The basic idea behind the paleo lifestyle is satisfyingly simple. By tapping into our natural instincts and eating like our ancestors, we give ourselves the best chance to thrive. Our ION Performance Paleo meal plan replicates the ancient ways as closely as possible and helps you put paleo on autopilot – with fresh, organic produce that’s in-season and unprocessed.

Nourish your gut

Gut issues are a growing problem in the U.S., and many believe they’re related to our modern diet. As well as being free from gluten and dairy, all of our paleo prepared meals are rich in gut-healthy, plant-based fiber. Our recipes also contain plenty of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that may help combat inflammation and support general wellbeing.

Primal performance

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, our ION Performance Paleo meal plan was designed to help support a healthy, active lifestyle. With grass-fed meats and wild caught fish, each delicious meal is rich in lean protein to help with muscle growth and recovery, so you can come back stronger every single time.

Delivery is free

Eating like a caveman doesn’t mean you have to spend all day scouring the horizon for a decent meal. Sit back, relax and let us handle the hunting and gathering for you. Simply place your order online and each week you’ll get a full set of freshly-prepped paleo meals delivered to your doorstep (or cave), all ready to heat-and-eat.

Premium Paleo Meals

Sustainable Organic Ingredients

100% Paleo Friendly

• Grain, legume and dairy free
• Based on ancestral whole foods
• Organic vegetables and animal protein

Low Fat Recipes

High in Healthy Fats

• Low-carb, high fat, high protein
• Omega-3 rich fish + grass-fed meat
• Dietitian-approved meals

Natural and Wholesome Food


• Rich in fiber and protein
• Hearty, filling meals
• Eliminate food cravings

Affordable Meal Plans

Paleo for Less

• Save time and reduce food waste
• Each meal costs just $12.69
• Free nationwide doorstep delivery

Easy Meal Subscription Delivery

Delivered Fresh

• Scratch-made, never-frozen
• Insulated delivery containers
• Ready to heat and eat

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Worldwide Flavors

• Inspired by worldwide cuisines
• Mediterranean, Asian, Continental
• Given a nutritious ancestral twist

Simple & Convenient Paleo Meals Delivered

High-quality paleo prepared meals delivered right to your doorstep.

At Fresh n’ Lean, we’re strong believers that eating a diet based on whole, natural foods is a key component for living a healthy lifestyle. Since 2010, we’ve been fortunate enough to have helped thousands of customers all across the nation take charge of their eating habits and put their diet on autopilot.

Fuss-free freshness

We’re big on eating food that’s as fresh as possible – for both optimum nutrition and maximum flavor. After sourcing raw ingredients from local producers, our chefs cook up a storm in the kitchen. The meals are packaged up and delivered to your door each week – never frozen, and ready to heat-and-eat in a matter of minutes.

Paleo for everyone

You might be a budding athlete seeking to recover faster. A casual gym-goer looking to build strength. A busy parent trying to live healthily and lose a little weight. Our paleo meal prep delivery was designed to suit the needs of anyone simply looking to enjoy a healthy, active, lifestyle that’s in tune with the natural world.

Natural and diverse

Our paleo meal plan delivery allows you to eat with the seasons, just like our ancestors! Local producers supply us with farm-fresh food and our pro chefs get creative, infusing each low-carb dish with rich flavors from all across the globe. Asian sauces, Mediterranean veg, Continental dishes – all delicious, and completely free from refined sugars and processed ingredients.

Primal without the price

Eating a high-quality paleo diet is often time-consuming and expensive. At Fresh n’ Lean, we do as much of the work for you as we possibly can. No more mammoth trips to the grocery store, and no more food waste at the end of the week. Our ION Performance Paleo meal plan starts at just $12.69 per meal – including free delivery to anywhere in the nation.

We've delivered more than 6 million meals

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Questions About Our Food?

At Fresh n’ Lean, we run a paleo meal delivery service that’s designed to make healthy, ancestral living a breeze. To do that, we source organic, in-season ingredients, transform them into mouth-watering dishes, and deliver them fresh to your doorstep every week. No artificial ingredients or hidden nasties whatsoever.

  1. What is a paleo diet?

    Paleo is a diet based on the foods our ancestors from the Paleolithic era ate (also known as the stone age). The basic idea is that if we can stick to what seems to resemble our ‘natural’ diet, we’re giving ourselves the best chance of thriving. Hunter-gatherers would typically consume lean meats, fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Foods that later arrived through modern farming techniques (dairy, grains, legumes, and refined sugar) are avoided.

  2. Are all of your home delivery meals paleo?

    If you sign up to our ION Performance Paleo Meal Plan, all recipes are 100% paleo-friendly. Please note when ordering that we also offer plant-based and low-calorie plans that do contain non-paleo dishes.

  3. Will your paleo meal plan help me lose weight?

    While we don’t guarantee weight-loss with our paleo meal prep delivery, you can rest assured that each dish included in the plan is nutritionally-balanced and dietitian-approved. Everything is scratch-made from whole foods, full of lean protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Because of this, many of our happy caveman customers have reported amazing weight loss results over the years!

  4. Are your premade paleo meals low-carb?

    Yes, everything included in our paleo food delivery service is low carb. In place of carb-heavy grains and legumes, our recipes are packed with grass-fed meat, healthy fat sources and non-starchy vegetables. If you opt for the full breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plan, it provides on average 60-70 grams of carbs per day.

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