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    Always Organic

    We reach out to local farms to bring delicious farm-fresh food to your table. Ingredients are always 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of preservatives.

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    Prepared Fresh

    Our meals are chef-cooked from scratch using the highest quality of seasonal produce. Every dish is cooked fresh daily in our kitchen and never frozen.

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    Free Delivery

    All meals are made fresh to order, packed in an eco-friendly insulated box and delivered to your home or office every Friday. Enjoy free nationwide shipping.

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    Heat & Enjoy

    Your meals arrive in special vacuum sealed containers that are microwavable and safe to enjoy anywhere life may take you.

Knoxville Meal Delivery

There’s nothing like enjoying a quality performance at the Tennessee Theatre. But when it comes to a healthy diet, Knoxville is looking for the real thing. At Fresh n’ Lean, it’s our mission to deliver tasty plant-based foods of the highest quality, and with our meal delivery in Knoxville, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Fresh n’ Lean’s delicious and nutritiously rich vegan fare is always made fresh to order, using the finest seasonal ingredients. You just heat and eat. Combining healthy gourmet eating in Knoxville with the convenience of home delivery might just make Fresh n’ Lean as original as the Sunsphere.

Put The Fun Back In The Healthy Eating

Enjoy freshly prepared meals delivered straight to your door. Healthy eating has never been easier.

Food Delivery Service in Knoxville

Having a hard time sticking with your balanced nutrition plan because of a hectic schedule? If so, Fresh n’ Lean is here to help. Our meal prep delivery program in Knoxville, TN was created to help anyone, no matter how busy, boost their health and fitness, boost their energy, and eat healthy food.

Our prepared meal delivery service in Knoxville is personalized around your specific nutrition needs and offers meals which are gluten-free, 100% plant based, and low on the GI scale so you can ensure your blood sugar levels stay stabilized the whole day. For those who have been trying to get to their target weight with no success, our meal delivery program will help take the guesswork out of eating well and help you finally adapt a healthy eating habit.

Get our healthy meals delivered fresh to your doorstep in Knoxville today.

Healthy Meals Delivered to Knoxville

For people who have adapted a plant based diet, eating right can be tough. Fortunately, we can take the struggle away. Our meals cater towards vegan eaters as they are 100% plant based and also contain no processed foods or GMO’s. Our meal plans are also entirely tailored to meet your macronutrient requirements, so whether your ultimate goal is to lose weight, build muscle, improve your health, or simply feel better on a daily basis, there is no doubt our meals can help you achieve success.

When you order from our meal delivery program in Knoxville, TN, you’ll receive three fresh meals everyday, which can quickly microwave whenever you feel hunger creeping on. This means that you never need to be without proper nutrition again. Take Fresh n’ Lean meal containers to work, school, or simply while you’re on the go.

Order today. Choose from our standard organic meal plans or select your favorite meals from our A La Carte menu and enjoy delicious and freshly prepared meals delivered to your home anywhere in Knoxville.

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