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This Week’s Sample Menu

Pesto Pasta Salad with Shrimp

Greek Vegetables with Steak Kabob

Curry Rice with Yams and Steak

Wild Salmon with Asparagus

Sausage and Shrimp with Bell Peppers and Zucchini

Romesco Eggplant Veggies with Wild Salmon

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with Chicken Breast

Balsamic Navy Beans with Cauliflower and Chicken Kabobs

Broccoli Quinoa with Dill and Wild Salmon

Free-Range Chicken Thigh with Red Cabbage

Turkey Sausage Yam Scramble

Baby Potato with Turkey Sausage Scramble

Prepared meals

Nashville Meal Delivery

When snowmageddon hits the last thing you want is to be stuck at home with an empty fridge. That’s why Fresh n’ Lean is here to make sure you always have something awesome to eat. Our meals are organic, fully cooked and completely ready to eat. That means you can stick to your diet no matter what the weather’s like.

Cooked Meals, Delivered

Who wants a whole day meal prep ordeal when you could be spending your Sunday afternoon at Centennial Park (or just sleeping in)? Skip the shopping, cleanup and hassle of preparing all of your food with our quick n’ easy meal plans. You don’t need any recipe lists, pots, pans or dishware – just a microwave and 3 minutes of your time.

Eating Clean Used To Be Hard – But Not Anymore.

Researching food choices. Planning out recipes. Assembling all the ingredients. It can get exhausting – and we haven’t even talked about the cooking and cleanup that comes after. But now you can cut everything down into one single step with our nutritious meals. Spend the day kayaking at Harpeth River State Park and just heat it up when you get back home.

Put Your Diet On Autopilot

Is your most-used app MyFitnessPal? Do you check the nutritional label of everything before you eat it? Is the carb count a make-or-break deal? If any of these are a “Yes” then you’re in luck. Every container and meal plan comes with a full calorie, ingredient, micro and macronutrient breakdown so that you can know exactly what you’re eating (and feel good about every bite).

Comes Fresh To Your Doorstep Every Time

We made “Fresh” a part of our name for a reason. Over 9 years of delivering ready-made meals has helped us create a safe shipping process that preserves all of our farm-fresh quality. Insulated boxes, recyclable ice packs and vacuum-sealed containers means your meals will stay fresh for hours – even if they arrive while you’re out at your favorite music venue.

Meal Prep Delivery in Nashville, TN

Long Days? Packed Schedules? You’re In The Right Place

It’s late at night and you’re finally free. But when your choice is either Mafiaoza’s pizza or grocery shopping and meal prep, it’s only a matter of time before you fall off track. Let’s put a stop to that with our portable meals – take them with you for lunch or stock them in your fridge for dinner. You’re always only three minutes away from having something great to eat.

Identical To A Farm-Made Dish

We don’t mess around when it comes to quality. That’s why we only use in-season, handpicked ingredients like locally-sourced organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish. And don’t worry, you won’t find any GMOs, gluten, fillers or preservatives in our dishes. You wouldn’t expect any less from the East Nashville Farmer’s Market, and this is no different.

We’ve Got Your Ideal Diet Ready

We aren’t fans of one-size-fits-all approaches. That’s why we offer plans ranging from Plant-Based, Keto, and Paleo. Our strict dietary standards means you’ll eat only the foods you personally approve of – except you won’t have to take the time to buy and prepare any of it. It’s a win-win for health lovers.

Inspired By Nashville Cuisine

From DeSano’s to The Pharmacy to Prince’s – we know Nashville has no shortage of great food and flavors. That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from Nashville’s best and packed our meals with the kind of all-natural flavor that will make healthy eating something you actually look forward to.

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