Is Honey Vegan?

Veganism can become complicated depending on how seriously you take it. The rules are different from one dietary vegan to the next, and these restrictions change dramatically for lifestyle vegans. These moving goalposts can make it difficult for vegans to know what they can and cannot eat and why. In this article, we’ll be looking at honey and whether or... Continue Reading

What is Vegan Leather?

For those who want to be purists about their veganism, there's the issue of leather. What’s normally a staple in the fashion world suddenly becomes off limits if you want to go beyond dietary veganism. There are other options however for the environmentally-minded. This article will go over what is vegan leather, why you should care about it, and the... Continue Reading

Are Oreos Vegan?

Oreos are those delicious chocolate cookie sandwiches with creamy “stuffing” packed in them. There’s been a long-held belief in the vegan community that Oreos are vegan-friendly, but the question is whether or not the beloved Oreo is in fact, vegan. If you look at the ingredients list on a package of Oreos, you’ll see that America’s favorite cookie is made... Continue Reading

Why Low Isn’t Always Good for You

A lot of the time, when we think of diets, we get a huge list of “Don’ts.” Don’t eat this. Don’t drink that. Stay away from those. Steer clear of these. But we’re actually not fans of being restrictive. Turns out going low isn’t always good for you. We all want to eat to healthy. That’s a great thing. But... Continue Reading

The Real Reasons, Part 1: Going Gluten-Free

Here's the word on today's biggest diet craze. There are a lot of diets plan, old and new. We want to take some time to explore the health options out there. The Real Reasons is a series designed to help you navigate the maze and find your best nutrition plan. The gluten-free craze is huge in America, probably more prevalent than you... Continue Reading
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President’s Favorite Foods

There you have it, every single US President’s favorite food! You probably thought Jimmy Carter’s would be peanuts, didn’t you? Well now you know better. Fresh n' Lean doesn’t offer all of the foods found on this list, but what we do offer are healthy, organic, nutrient-dense meals that will help you get through your busy day. So go ahead,... Continue Reading

The 7 Worst Fad Diets in History

  So your friend is eating grapefruit for twelve days. Your co-worker insists on nothing but raw food for life. Mom’s new diet consists of cabbage soup three meals a day. And everyone seems to be drinking apple cider vinegar before eating. Fad diets. They come and go. Some draw people in, others send people packing. When it comes to... Continue Reading
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