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Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

Easy Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes

Making delicious sweets to impress your date has never been easier.

Meal Prep Hacks

25 Meal Prep Hacks to Supercharge Your Nutrition

Take your healthy diet to the next level with these genius meal prep hacks. Nourish your body whilst saving time and effort!

Eat More Greens

18 Ways to Get More Leafy Greens in Your Life

Going green has never been easier.

How to Minimize Food Waste

18 Easy Ways to Avoid Food Waste

Food waste costs you money and puts strains on the planet’s limited resources. Taking a few simple steps to reduce the amount of useable food you waste helps you save money and minimizes your impact on the environment.

jar of peanut butter

Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

Although peanut butter is usually safe for vegans, sometimes, you have to watch out for additional ingredients.

Bee Honeycomb - is honey vegan?

Is Honey Vegan?

The question “is honey vegan?” often divides opinion among the community. Most people agree that honey isn’t vegan because it’s an animal product of sorts, but not everyone agrees. If you want to make your own decision, you need to learn about honey and the industry that supplies it.

Oreo Cookies

Are Oreos Vegan?

The surprising truth behind “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”.

Plant-Based Holiday Recipes

10 Easy Vegan Holiday Recipes

Try out these easy vegan holiday recipes at your next holiday party.

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