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This Week’s Sample Menu

Pesto Pasta Salad

Curry Rice with Yams

Harissa Garlic Yams

Bell Peppers and Zucchini

Red Cabbage with Broccoli and Carrots

Black Eyed Peas with Broccoli and Potato

Mushroom Greens with Sweet Potato

Basil Broccoli with Bell Peppers

Ranchero Black Bean Vegetables

Chocolate Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Muffins

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Cleveland Meal Delivery Service

Who wants to spend hours shopping, cooking and meal prepping when you could be spending the afternoon at Tower City Zoo? That’s where Fresh n’ Lean comes in. We deliver organic, fully prepared and heat-and-eat meals right to your door so that you can stay out of the kitchen and enjoy the best Cleveland has to offer instead.

Guaranteed Fresh Delivery – Always.

Over the past 9 years we’ve perfected the art of fresh food delivery. Ice gel packs, eco-friendly insulated boxes and vacuum-sealed containers keep your food fresh for hours – so there’s no sweat if you’re still at work or just taking in the views at Lakewood Park. We put “Fresh” in our name for a reason!

Love Meal Prep? We Didn’t Think So

Some people enjoy slaving away in the kitchen for hours and losing entire afternoons to meal prep. If the thought of that makes you shudder then Fresh n’ Lean is here to help. Turn off the stove, go enjoy the Cleveland Museum of Art and just heat up your meal when you get back. It’s ready in just 3 minutes.

So Tasty It Feels Like You’re Cheating

Ever forced down a bland plate of chicken and broccoli while wishing you were eating a Polish Boy instead? It’s enough to make anyone tap out. That’s why our meals are infused with fresh herbs and spices and brimming with mouth-watering natural flavor. We won’t blame you if eat more than one.

Plans for Every Type of Diet

Plant-based, Keto, Paleo or High Protein – we’ve got what you need. Whether you’re religious about what goes into your body or just want to make a better choice than Slyman’s after a long day at work, our meal plans have something for everyone. Plus, constantly rotating and new seasonal dishes feed your need for variety.

Meal Prep Delivery in Cleveland

Get Easy Delivery in Cleveland

Whether you live in West Park, Tremont, Downtown or Collinwood, you’ll never get stuck dealing with hunger pangs and delayed deliveries again. We’ll deliver a week’s worth of health-boosting awesomeness so that you can empty your brain of all food-related thoughts. Instead, just heat, eat and move on with your day.

Not a Single Speck of Anything Unhealthy

Your body doesn’t need GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, or artificial dyes. That’s why our meals don’t have any of that. Instead, you’ll get USDA-organic, nutrient-rich meals packed with micronutrients and superfoods like spinach, yams, kabucha and more. Perfect to fuel a long afternoon at the Metroparks Zoo.

Make Healthy Choices Easier Than Ever

Ever gotten home, opened your fridge or pantry to find nothing inside, and resorted to that tempting food delivery app? You’re not alone. But with our guaranteed fresh meal delivery you can simply reach into your fridge and kick those unhealthy options to the curb. That means less time stressing over food and more time talking about sports – whether you’re for the Browns or the Steelers.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

Trying to stay healthy when you’re incredibly busy can seem downright impossible (unless you’re a superhero). Level the playing field with our pre-portioned meals that include exact nutritional, ingredient, and micro/macronutrient breakdowns. Then, use that extra time to catch up on sleep or view the gallery at the Cleveland Museum of Art – it’s your choice.

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