Welcome to Fresh N’ Lean,
Where Whole Foods are the New Fast Foods.

From apartment kitchen to industry-leading national delivery service.
Enhancing lives through eating right. Healthy food in, healthy lifestyle out.
Plating Salmon Meal
Welcome to Fresh N’ Lean,
Where Whole Foods are the New Fast Foods.
From apartment kitchen to industry-leading national delivery service.
Enhancing lives through eating right. Healthy food in, healthy lifestyle out.

Who Are We?

Real People Creating Real Food

Changing the world with one sustainable, responsible and satisfyingly Fresh meal at a time.

Life on earth is changing. Through mass production of ‘long shelf life’ snacks, synthetic ingredients and false foods have become commonplace. As the population grows, so does mass consumption and the ordering of harmful junk food. With over 70% of adults in the US classified as overweight or obese, something had to be done to help people onto a healthier path. What if the economy of fast food was ethical? What if fast food, could also mean quality food? Well, it can.

We are spearheading a movement towards a more wholesome meal designation and delivery. By using mother earth’s natural processes, we harvest organic, non-GMO ingredients combined with free range, certified-humane animal proteins as the foundation of all our meals. Nature knows what it is doing, it has been doing it for a long, long time. We are just the in-between people to ensure nature’s dish arrives on your doorstep undisturbed.

Ordering meals online

Enhancing lives through eating right. Healthy food in, healthy lifestyle out.

Cooking asparagus kitchen
Laureen picking farm ingredients

What Do We Do?

Deliver Authentic Meals

Giving you access to life-enhancing, delicious nutrition as easy as the push of a button.

As our culture moves towards automation and higher demand, we offer a contrast to the over-saturation of low-tier food delivery services. We do all that work for you, so there’s no reason to keep eating the junk.

    Fresh n' Lean and Hak's at Whole Foods

    How Do We Do It?

    We Craft Original Recipes

    Using our own facilities, our own chefs and our own staff.

    We are a 55,000 sq-ft. purpose-built operation in Anaheim, CA. Harvesting fantastic regional produce to cook deliciously real food. We have our own farms based in California where our farmers source nutrient-dense ingredients, to send directly to our kitchen. Ingredients include a wide range of fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, free range eggs & poultry and wild-caught fish.

    Company Founder Laureen alongside Chef Gomez create original recipes that cater for a variety of popular diets. Our talented chefs cook everything from those local ingredients for our dedicated warehouse staff to package everything completely fresh, for you. Nothing is ever fried or frozen. We typically bake, steam or lightly grill, so ingredients retain their nutritional value and taste.

    The ready-to-eat meal journey is a process made simple only by the high-quality output of our team.

      Why Do We Do It?

      To Fuel your Journey

      Healthy habits performed daily are what make the difference.

      Eating food is a need, but also a habit. It can be hard to break the habits of a lifetime by giving up easy food to shop, cook and clean up instead. A lot of people have the intention (every January, actually) to eat better and live better. Yet, more than 90% of new diets fail. Why? Because life is busy. It’s tough to maintain new habits.

      But the reality is; people don’t always fail their diets; the diet also fails them. This is why Fresh N’ Lean is so revolutionary. We create recipes, meal plan, cook and deliver them to ensure your diet stays on track. It’s our mission to see a healthier, happier and more fulfilled human family.

        Humble Beginnings, Redefining Fast Food.

        Family First

        Laureen Asseo founded the company back in 2010 to commendably nurture her father’s health during a time of illness. Laureen recognized the connection between what her family were eating, and the dis-ease that followed. Through no-lack of ingenuity, she began putting together clean recipes that were enjoyable enough to eat every meal, every day.

        Eventually her father recovered. She continued supplying her meals to the wider community to encourage their own health improvements, before joining force with her brother and co-founder, Thomas Asseo.

        Thomas’ expertise managing people, capital and expanding marketing efforts fused with Laureen’s natural chef abilities, created Fresh N’ Lean. Since then they have delivered nearly 8 Million truly healthy, authentic and delicious meals across America.

          Thomas Asseo


          Our Journey

          2010 – An 18-year-old Laureen started creating healthy meals for her family at home. That turned into making enough meals for her local community, simply cooking whole foods, putting them into Tupperware and delivering them personally.

          The Vegan Meal Plan was born, and so was the company.

          2011 – We are online and receiving orders from active customers. Could this go from local community to statewide, or nationwide community?

          2012 – Protein Plus Meal Plan introduced to provide nourishment to busy fitness junkies.

          2013 – We opened our first dedicated facility in California and are shipping meals nationwide.

          The Paleo Meal Plan was cooked up to deliver a taste of the wild to our customers.

          2014 – By December, we had delivered over 200,000 meals to happy new dieters.

          Our Low-Carb Meal Plan was brought into the fold, offering the ideal carb lite option.

          2016 – Introduced our vacuum-sealed trays to maximize Freshness when meals are transported. 1 Million meals had made their way across the nation. The vision of a healthier human family was now becoming a reality.

          2017 – The company now has 75 full-time employees within its ranks. A small and dedicated team made up of kitchen staff, administration and marketing are working hard to ensure healthy food becomes fast food.

          2018 – Moved to our purpose-built facility in Anaheim, southern California. Now the opportunity allowed for bigger production and complete freedom to optimize our process. We had also donated over 100,000 meals to those in need.

          2019 – This year we have grown exponentially. Currently a talented, multi-faceted team made up of 225 employees.

          The Keto Meal Plan arrives offering quick, really clean keto and is off to a winning start.

          We have delivered over 7 Million meals across America and donated 200,000 meals to the less fortunate.

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