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The finest organic ingredients, naturally rich with flavor. Clean keto meals cooked by chefs and delivered to you. Switch the boring diet for a fresh weekly menu.

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Keto Meal Delivery, Made Easy.


Your prepared keto meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Just unpack and put them in the fridge.


No time? No problem. Just heat up when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in-between. We cater for your diet.


Every week, pre-made ketogenic meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

  1. Chill.

    Your prepared keto meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Just unpack and put them in the fridge.

  2. Heat.

    No time? No problem. Just heat up when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.

  3. Eat.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in-between. We cater for your diet.

  4. Repeat.

    Every week, pre-made ketogenic meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Irresistible Eats.
Clean Fats, Delicious Taste.

Our mouth-watering protein packed ketogenic meals will keep you satisfied.
Whatever your flavor is, we have you covered.

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Eat Keto Right.
Simply, Made From Whole Foods.

No secret ingredients. No dirty or lazy Keto either.

Pecan Salmon & Brocoli

Net Carbs





Cremini Chicken with Turkey Bacon

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Spinach Frittata with Cauliflower

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We use only clean fats that benefit your body with perfect macros. Your new menu is packed with sustainably sourced meat, wild-caught seafood and organic dairy. Ingredients are hand-picked from naturally grown and ethically raised sources. Baked, roasted, sautéed and simmered by expert chefs before being packed in environmentally friendly packaging. Food you will savor and actually enjoy. Low carb. Gluten free. Guilt free.

Save Time Eating Everyday with Keto Delivery.

Time-saving Keto means a 30-minute meal is ready in less than 3. That’s 10x less the time you would spend cooking. You could easily be saving 37hrs a month.

Our deliciously real keto meals cover breakfast, lunch, dinner – and snacks in-between. Getting in shape and staying in shape means regular access to the right food. A Fresh n’ Lean keto meal is delivered to you every week, fully prepared to eat and doesn’t involve any cooking or clean up. From farm to kitchen; we take the time, so you don’t have to.

How It Works

What Sets Us Apart from Other Meal Delivery Companies

USDA Inspected
FSMA Compliant
Ready-to Eat
Organic Ingredients
Fresh n Lean comparison yes yes yes yes yes
FACTOR 75 - - yes yes yes
FRESHLY - yes yes - -
GREEN CHEF yes - - yes yes
HELLOFRESH yes - - yes yes

The Art of Keto, Perfected.

Keto is a Lifestyle.

A keto diet directly impacts how we look, feel and the story our body tells. Therefore, our impact on the world around us. Instead of relying on carbohydrates, a keto diet burns fat as your primary fuel putting your body into ketosis. A fast lane to a more athletic physique, absolutely. But. Only healthy fats will support your body efficiently.

Endorsed by keto experts.

Fresh n’ Lean uses only the healthiest of fats and whole foods. Our Keto Meal Delivery Plan is endorsed by expert nutritionists as a safe and high-value option. Studies show the keto diet can help in putting out the fires of inflammation, improving focus and mental clarity as well as preventing disease.

Handcrafted by professional keto chefs.

To us, food is art. Cultivating the meal to complement your life requires creativity and consistency. We don’t cut corners by using artificially processed ingredients. Every ketogenic meal is handcrafted by Chef Gomez. Filled with flavor, protein and nutrients, using only natural herbs, spices and seasonings. We remove the need to compromise.

Questions About Our Keto Plan?

We’re here to help. Not sure if our ketogenic meal plan is right for you? Check out the FAQs below or give us a call.

  1. What type of Keto diet do you offer?

    In short, Modified Keto. A balanced carb-lite meal with an average (macros) ratio of 1:1. A great option for those that are either new to Keto or looking for long term consistency.

  2. What's the Net carbs amount for each meal?

    We keep our carbs low and compliant with the keto diet guidelines.

    Your keto meal plan will have an average of 10g Net carbs per meal, with 26g of Protein and 35g of Fats.

  3. What snacks or desserts can I have that are Keto-friendly?

    Our assortment of almond snacks is keto-friendly! Be on the lookout for keto desserts – coming soon.

  4. When do meals arrive? Do you deliver nationwide?

    Your pre-made keto meals arrive fresh on your doorstep every Friday between 12-6pm PST (depending on your location). You can adjust to a later day if you prefer.

    Your insulated delivery box is packed with ice packs so your meals stay perfectly fresh up to 24 hours after delivery.

    The keto plan is delivered to any address in all 50 States of the US. Home, hotel, office, campus – anywhere.

  5. Can I adjust my dietary preferences?

    Yes, you can exclude up to three ingredients from your keto meal plan.

  6. How do you compare to other keto meal services?

    We use only clean keto recipes. In other words, we use only healthy and organic fats. Fresh n’ Lean is endorsed by nutritional experts for offering a unique, clean keto option on the ready-to-eat market.

    These clean fats are sourced from fresh organic oils (organic walnut oil, organic avocado, organic sesame oil, organic almonds, organic cheese, organic coconut oil, organic butter, organic olive oil and grapeseed oil), responsibly raised & caught lean animal proteins (grass-fed pub steak, Atlantic salmon, sustainable shrimp, cage-free chicken sausage, humane certified eggs, cage-free turkey bacon), and freshly baked veggies. See this week’s keto menu for a list of all meals and nutrition labels.

    No other ready-to-eat keto meal delivery company offers the same quality ingredients or preparation. We do Keto right, so you only eat organic, fresh whole foods.

  7. Keto cycling? Simply switch meal plans.

    A not so restrictive way to get the benefits of the keto diet.

    Keto cycling can be common for those that require a varied diet, particularly for physical activity. Some Athletes use a high-carb diet on heavy training days. Keto cycling involves following the diet and then taking a break to eat (high or regular) levels of carbohydrates for a day or so. The beauty of Fresh n’ Lean is that you can change your keto meal plan every week to fit your needs.

  8. I cannot have red meat. Is this plan good for me?

    We can accommodate this dietary restriction, however, the keto meal plan is heavy on red meats. It may mean you would receive similar (or duplicate) meals every week.

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