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How it works?

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    Chef-prepared keto

    Our chefs prepare wholesome and nutritious keto meals that taste great and fit perfectly into a low-carb, high-fat diet.

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    Nationwide delivery

    Your keto meals are delivered free to your home or work. Everything arrives fresh, never frozen.

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    Heat & eat

    No prep required. When it’s time to refuel, heat up your meals in the microwave and enjoy the benefits of being a fat burning machine.


Fresh n’ Lean keto meal delivery service offers premade ketogenic meals that are always:

  • Scratch-Made Meals Scratch-Made
  • USDA Organic Ingredients Organic
  • GMO-free Clean Label Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free Meal Plans Gluten-Free
  • Low-Fat Nutrition Low-Fat
  • Ready-made and Delivered Free Delivered Fresh
Premade ketogenic meal plan

Organic Keto Meal Delivery Service

Keto prepared meals that taste as great as they make you feel.

Cut back on carbs and fuel your body on healthy fat sources. Reduced inflammation, less brain fog, and potentially even improved heart health? All sound great to us! We developed our keto meal delivery service to help you do keto the healthy way (and to take away all the unnecessary hassle).

Keto made simple

Whether you follow a standard, targeted or cyclic ketogenic diet, you no longer have to spend hours stumbling through the grocery aisles or wasting time on keto meal prep! At Fresh n’ Lean, we do all the hard work, crafting low-carb, culinary masterpieces each and every week, and delivering them fresh to your doorstep faster than you can say ‘MCT oil’.

Kick the keto flu

You may have heard about the side-effects that can occur during the metabolic transition to ketosis, often called the keto flu. Many experts believe we can avoid this rough patch if we kick the keto journey off on the right foot. That’s partly why all our meals contain a balance of organic veggies – high in water and micronutrients to support your body through the transition.

Low carb, high flavor

To get you into keto fast (and help you stay there) our dishes are low in net carbs but rich in healthy fat sources. This helps you enter that fat-burning zone quickly and efficiently. But don’t sweat it, low-carb doesn’t mean low-flavor. Our recipes are created by professional chefs and infused with delightful aromas from all around the world.

Free from nasties

No processed meats. No GMOs. No hidden artificial colors, flavors or refined sugars. As our name suggests, fresh food is something we’re super passionate about here at Fresh n’ Lean, and everything we serve is made from scratch with whole ingredients. On top of that, our organic veggies are sourced from surrounding areas whenever possible to support local producers.

What’s In Your Keto Delivery?

  • A range of delicious, low-carb, keto-friendly meals packed with nutrition.
  • Wild-caught seafood, antibiotic-free grass-fed meats, and free-range poultry.
  • Organic, high-fiber veggies that are locally sourced.
  • Free nationwide delivery to your home or office included with every order.
Starting at:
$11.50 Per Meal
$79.90 Per Week
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Low-carb keto meal ready-to-eat

Why Choose a Keto Meal Delivery?

Helping you become a fat-burning machine, the healthy way.

It’s no secret that a keto diet can sometimes be a little restrictive. If you attempt to go it alone, hitting that sweet spot between enjoying amazing flavors and varied, wholesome nutrition really isn’t easy. At Fresh n’ Lean, our goal is for you to have your keto cake and eat it. Our pro chefs cook up fresh meals that are not just nutrient-dense and keto friendly – they taste incredible too!

Burn fat for fuel

When you enter ketosis, your body essentially becomes a fat burning machine – using dietary and body fat to produce ketone bodies for energy. As fat tends to be a clean fuel source, it results in very few inflammatory byproducts released in the body, which is great news! Cutting back carbs also helps to control blood sugar levels, potentially helping with weight loss and energy levels.

High-quality brain food

One of the most common benefits people report when they get fat-adapted is a reduction in brain fog. While glucose is the preferred source of fuel in the brain when we consume carbs, if we cut them out, ketones can be used instead. Without diving too deep into the scientific rabbit hole, for some people, this shift seems to significantly increase mental clarity and focus.

Heart-healthy meals

In scientific research, a ketogenic diet has shown promise when it comes to heart health, potentially helping to improve cholesterol panels. Keto aside, all of our meals are made from heart-healthy, whole food ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all there to support just about every system in your body.

Free nationwide delivery

Going keto no longer means you have to spend hours reading food labels and measuring net carbs. Now you can chill out and let us do all the meal prep work. Simply order your keto meal delivery online and each week you’ll receive fresh keto prepared meals dropped at your home, office or hotel, ready for you to heat-and-eat.

Chef-Prepared Keto Meals

Sustainable Organic Ingredients


• Packed with antioxidants
• Fiber & protein rich
• No processed ingredients

Low Fat Recipes

Low in Carbs

• Less than 15g carbs/meal
• Low-carb, high fat, high protein
• Control blood sugar spikes

Natural and Wholesome Food

100% Keto-Friendly

• Rich in healthy fats
• Based on whole-foods
• Keto-friendly carb sources

Affordable Meal Plans

Keto for Less

• Save time & reduce food waste
• Each meal costs just $12.69
• Free nationwide doorstep delivery

Easy Meal Subscription Delivery

Delivered Fresh

• Never-frozen - scratch-made
• Insulated delivery containers
• Heat & eat when ready

Ready-to-Eat Meals

International Flavors

• Inspired by worldwide cuisines
• Given a healthy, keto twist

Simple & Convenient Keto Food Delivery

High-quality keto meals, shipped right to your doorstep!

At Fresh n’ Lean, we’re strong believers that eating a diet based on whole, natural foods is a key component for living a healthy lifestyle. Since 2010, we’ve been fortunate enough to have helped thousands of customer all across the nation take charge of their eating habits and put their diet on autopilot. That’s exactly what we continue to aim for with our new ketogenic diet meal delivery service.

Always fresh

Every single thing we make here at Fresh n’ Lean is constructed from whole, fresh ingredients. With our keto meal delivery service, we’re committed to shortening the steps from farm to table, sourcing produce locally whenever possible. Our chefs use these ingredients to whip up a storm, and your keto meals are delivered fresh (never-frozen) to your door each week.

Keto for all

Keto science is growing by the week and has already shown the diet can potentially be beneficial for a whole range of individuals. It’s increasingly being explored as a way to help control neurological disorders and diabetes. Many people also decide to try the low-carb, high-fat diet to increase energy levels, clear brain fog and even lose a little weight too.

Delicious and nutritious

Eating healthy keto ready meals no longer means you have to sacrifice on taste. Our professional chefs take inspiration from worldwide cuisines – whipping up Mediterranean classics and South Asian specialties without having to resort to sugary sauces or processed ingredients. Always fresh, and always delicious.

Low-carb and low-cost

While eating a nutritious keto diet is often time-consuming & expensive, at Fresh n’ Lean, we do everything we can to make sure our food is affordable for all (without sacrificing quality). No more long trips to the grocery store, and no more food waste. Our keto food delivery starts at just $12.69 per meal, with free delivery to anywhere across the U.S.

We've sold more than 6 million meals

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Questions About Our Keto Delivery?

At Fresh n’ Lean, our keto meal service is designed to make it as simple as possible for you to nourish your body on a wholesome ketogenic diet. We source the very best, in-season, organic ingredients, transform them into mouth-watering meals, and deliver them fresh to your door each and every week. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

  1. Will a keto meal plan help me lose weight?

    We can never guarantee weight-loss, as there are so many confounding factors. But you can rest assured that everything included in our keto diet meal delivery is dietitian-approved and nutritionally-balanced. It’s all homemade, nutrient-dense, and low in net-carbs, which probably explains why so many of the happy customers we’ve served over the years at Fresh n’ Lean have had great results when it comes to weight loss!

  2. How many carbs and fat is in your keto meals?

    An average meal in our keto plan contains approximately 15g carbs, 32g fat, 29g protein, and 425 kcal.

  3. What are the sources of carbs, fat, protein in your meals?

    The carbs typically come from organic veggies like cauliflower, greens, and zucchini. Nutritious fats come in the form of healthy oils and wild-caught fish. And you’ll find plenty of protein in our free-range poultry and grass-fed beef.

  4. Do you offer keto-friendly snacks?

    While they are not included in our standard keto meal plan, we do have a small range of delicious keto snacks that you can add to your order from our A La Carte menu.

  5. Do your keto meals include any processed ingredients?

    Nope – unless you count a splash of healthy oils here and there! We do everything we can to ensure every ingredient included in our keto delivery is primarily based around whole foods. All our meals are scratch-made using organic vegetables, lean protein, and nutritious fat sources.

  6. How often does the keto menu change?

    Our keto menu changes weekly depending on which ingredients are in-season and readily available. Out chefs transform these into mouth-watering meals that make you feel as good as they taste!

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