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This Week’s Sample Menu

Pesto Pasta Salad

Curry Rice with Yams

Harissa Garlic Yams

Bell Peppers and Zucchini

Red Cabbage with Broccoli and Carrots

Black Eyed Peas with Broccoli and Potato

Mushroom Greens with Sweet Potato

Basil Broccoli with Bell Peppers

Ranchero Black Bean Vegetables

Chocolate Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Muffins

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Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Portland Vegan Meal Delivery

Tell people you live in Portland, OR, and watch them turn a gentle shade of green. It’s a fantastic city that almost everyone wishes, to some degree, they could be a part of.

Nutrition you can taste

And so you have a duty to take advantage of it, to really appreciate your surroundings.

Plant-based meals delivered

To give you the time to do so our vegan meal delivery service operates throughout Portland, saving you hours each week when you don’t need to wait in line at a grocery store or peer hopefully into pots and pans on your stove.

Organic and locally-grown

We use only local produce from only the very best farms. Our chefs craft healthy menus that highlight natural flavors. Our meals are non-GMO and always made from scratch.

Quick and convenient

Our meals arrive ready-made in an insulated delivery box. Each meal is perfectly portioned and sealed for freshness. Take them on the go or keep them in the fridge.

Vegan Meal Delivery in Portland

We use premium quality ingredients to make our delicious dishes, rivaling anything you can find in vegan-friendly Portland, OR. With the bonus of being brought to your door via our vegan meal delivery service, mealtimes couldn’t be easier. From just $27.99 a day wherever you are in Portland, we’ll bring you a range of tantalising dishes that will leave you feeling wonderful. They’re all packed with nutrients and created using only the finest in-season locally sourced produce, so you know they’re going to taste great and you’ll feel great.

Fresh n’ Lean benefits:

100% Organic



Free Shipping Nationwide

Enjoy delicious, healthy and freshly prepared plant-based meals delivered to your home.

Conquer Mount Hood

How many times have you looked at the snowy peak of Mount Hood, visible from almost everywhere in Portland, OR, and wondered what the view must look like from the top? You need to be fit and healthy to tackle such a project, and our vegan meal delivery service to anywhere in Portland can help you achieve the levels you need to take it on.

They’re great for anyone looking to get fit, and with carefully balanced portions that release energy throughout the day you’ll be ready to take on any challenge you can conjure up.

Get started today. Choose from our standard plant-based meal plans or select your favorite meals from our A La Carte menu.

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