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Indianapolis Delivery

Once known as Naptown due to its sleepy nature, over the years Indy has quietly transformed into one of the trendiest food destinations in the Midwest. If you appreciate a hearty meal, we have just the thing for you. At Fresh N Lean we cook up delicious, nutritious feasts and deliver them to your doorstep once a week. No hassle with grocery shopping or meal prep. Just heat up and enjoy!

Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Weekly Indy Meal Delivery

Deciding what to eat when you have a million and one choices in Indy can get a little stressful. Our goal is to take away all of the hassle and decision fatigue around mealtimes, while still leaving room for flexibility. You pick your plan, we deliver your dishes once a week, and all you have to do is heat and eat.

Turbocharged Nutrition

Hosts of the world-famous Indy 500, Indianians appreciate the need for good quality fuel. At Fresh N Lean, everything we create is made to help keep your body running at its best. Aside from tasting great, each dish is dietitian-approved and jam-packed with USDA organic produce. No processed ingredients or artificial flavors in sight.

Circle City Variety

Just a short trip along the brick streets of Monument Circle exposes you to a myriad of colors and aromas – something we try to emulate with our seasonal recipes. Our pro chefs know how to keep things interesting, regularly switching up the weekly menus, but still managing to deliver amazing tastes and tip-top nutritional value.

Stress-free Food

Getting caught in a traffic jam in the Crossroads of America is never a fun experience. When you pile on the responsibilities of works, home life and staying active, it’s easy to let healthy eating fall down the list of priorities. The good news? With Fresh N Lean, you can turn the stress meter down, stock your fridge with awesome meals, and dig into a nutritious feast whenever you like.

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Healthy Meals Delivered

Full Indy Coverage

Wherever you are in Railroad City, we got your back. Whether you’re in Downtown, Old Northside, Action, Eagle Hills – we cover the whole city and can ship to your home or office. Everything is delivered fresh (never frozen) and is ready to heat and eat quicker than you can place a takeout order – just three short minutes.

Beyond Sliced Bread

Indianapolis may be the home of sliced bread, but we might have something even better… All of our meals are based around great-tasting whole food ingredients. Think fresh vegetables, whole grains, free-range poultry, and wild-caught fish. We stay away from refined sugars and excess salt, and instead, let the natural flavors do the talking.

Adventure Ready

Whether it’s on foot, horseback or bicycle, after exploring the urban oasis that is Fort Ben, you’ll no doubt want to recharge with some tasty nutrient-dense treats. Our meals are constructed with an active lifestyle in mind, providing you with all the lean protein, slow-release carbs, healthy fats and important micronutrients your body needs to recover fully and thrive.

Free Delivery

No more paying for delivery charges for your groceries or takeout. At Fresh n’ Lean, shipping is included totally free – to your home, office, or hotel. Simply pick one of our Paleo, Low Carb, Keto, Protein+ or Plant-Based plans, add any sides or extras from the A La Carte, and we’ll do the rest.

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