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Every week, pre-made meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Cincinnati Meal Delivery

Sticking to a healthy diet isn’t always easy when you’ve got a plate of three-line chili or goetta calling your name after a long day. But all of that changes with Fresh N Lean. You’ll get a week’s worth of 100% natural, chef-prepared and ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your door or office. Just pop them in the microwave, press “Start” and you’re all done.

Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Cincinnati Weekly Meal Plans

If you’re tired of admitting defeat to that food delivery app on your phone then you’re in luck. The moment you feel a hunger pang you can reach into the fridge and have a nutrient-packed meal ready in 3 minutes. Perfect if you’d prefer to catch a performance at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra over being stuck humming to yourself in the kitchen.

Tired of Meal Prep? Join The Club

We know there are people out there who enjoy spending all of their free time in the kitchen. But for the rest of us who’d rather spend the afternoon hanging out at OTR or relaxing on the couch, Fresh N Lean is here to help. Cut out all of the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning from your life and get back to spending time on the things you enjoy.

Perfect for Long Days

Want to put your health first but barely have time to spare? We hear you. Just take one of our dietitian-approved, health-optimized meals with you to work or school and breathe easy knowing you’re making the best possible choice for your body. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you ever did it the hard way.

Meal Plans To Fit Your Lifestyle

Who wants to spend time shopping and meal prepping when you could be enjoying some jazz at The Greenwich or chatting about the Reds with your friends? Just pick one of our popular meal plans and get back to doing what you love.

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Meal Prep Delivery Service in Cincinnati

Fresh Delivery in Cincinnati

From Mt. Lookout to East Walnut Hills to Kenwood – our free meal delivery will keep you full of the macro and micronutrients your body needs to function at 110%. It’s never been this easy to optimize your health.

Obsessed About Your Health? So Are We.

Every single one of our meals comes with exact calorie, micro and macronutrient breakdowns along with a list of ingredients you can recognize. Plus, you’ll never see GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, or anything remotely unhealthy inside. It’s like a cheat code for your health.

Stop Stressing and Start Eating

Ever let out a huge groan at the end of an exhausting day because you don’t have any food ready in the fridge when you get home? We’re here to stop that – just choose a plan and come home to a selection of delicious, healthy meals. That means you can spend your free day away from the stove and hanging out at Fountain Square instead.

Designed to Support Active Lifestyles

From Mt. Airy to the California Woods Nature Preserve, Cincinnati is no stranger to active and outgoing lifestyles. Our organic and nutrition-packed meals will help you fuel your adventures and live your healthiest life while taking all food-related hassles out of the equation entirely.

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