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Birmingham Meal Delivery

Ah, Birmingham. HQ for the SEC and SWAC. Jewel of the South. From the Barber Museum to the Birmingham Museum of Art, from Vulcan Park to Sloss Furnaces, from Woolworth’s to Pepper Place — Birmingham is bustling. The bar and restaurant scene? Booming. With unique eating and drinking establishments like the Garage and Blue Pacific, there’s always somewhere nice to treat yourself.

In order to make the most of this city’s indulgences, you need a solid plan for eating healthy the rest of the time. It’s the right thing for your own health and sanity. But how do you deal with all the shopping, prep work, measuring and cooking when your life is already busy? Answer: Fresh N Lean. Our weekly meal delivery service will handle everything except heating and eating. Join the fast food revolution!

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Birmingham Weekly Meal Plans

Bham is filled with natural beauty. You can hike the Oak Mountain trails, take in the gorgeous Birmingham skyline from Vulcan Walking Trail and more. All that exploring requires energy, and we deliver — literally. Fresh N Lean will deliver fresh, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free meals right to your door each week. How’s that for convenience?

Fits Perfectly With Your Lifestyle

Birmingham is like the goldilocks of cities — it’s perfectly sized. Not too big to feel stifling, and not too small to feel rinky-dink. Balance is key in all aspects of life. That’s why Fresh N Lean meals always have balanced macros, and they’re helpfully divided into satisfying portions.

Keep Bham Beautiful

Ever feel like someone is watching you all the time, silently making sure you do the right thing? Hey, relax — that’s just the Vulcan statue. Joking aside, it’s important in this day and age to consider sustainability. That’s why we prepare your Fresh N Lean food with Certified Humane practices, and we ship it in eco-friendly packaging.

Eat Clean, Feel Great

Birmingham has no shortage of fried indulgences, but eating clean is a virtue! Want to eat delicious, seasonal menu items prepared with locally grown produce and responsibly raised meat — like wild-caught seafood and cage-free chicken free of hormones and antibiotics? We’ll bring clean, tasty food to you, fully cooked and ready to eat! Upon receiving your Fresh N Lean meals, all you have to do is open, heat in the microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy.

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Meal Delivery in Birmingham

Delivery All Over the 205

No matter where you are in The Magic City — Oxmoor to Sun Valley, Spring Lake to Wylam — corner to corner, we have you covered. We prepare your chef-made meal fresh in our USDA-certified kitchen facility, then deliver it to you fast and free.

Want the Taste of Birmingham?

Sure, it’s great to bring out-of-towners to Eugene’s Hot Chicken or Fancy’s of Fifth for some tasty stomach bombs … but your body craves nutrient-dense meals made with healthy, whole food ingredients. Fresh n’ Lean has you covered — all of our meals are dietitian-approved. Try our Cheesy Bacon Cage-Free Chicken and Grass-Fed Beef Stroganoff for all the flavor with none of the guilt.

Eat Like You Have a 5-Star Personal Chef On Staff

As the classic Bham song “Black Betty” goes: “She’s from Birmingham (bam-ba-lam) / Way down in Alabam’ (bam-ba-lam).” But you don’t have to be a local celebrity to eat incredibly tasty, healthy food and enjoy variety at every meal. Think eating well is only possible if you hire a personal chef? Think again! We offer a variety of meal plans — vegan, keto, paleo and low-carb — so you switch things up all the time!

Flexible Meal Plans for Your Busy Schedule

Roll Tide! Whether you’re a student, professional, parent or anything else — nothing cramps your style like a meal plan that doesn’t work for you. We know how important flexibility is — pause, cancel or customize your food at any time.

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