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St. Louis Meal Delivery

From City Museum to Six Flags; from Forest Park to the Missouri Botanical Garden — the Gateway to the West offers no shortage of things to do. But, one thing that you probably don’t want to do? Slave away in your kitchen. Same goes for spending a ton of time at the grocery store — that doesn’t sound very fun, either. Exactly nobody’s bucket list includes planning and prepping healthy meals for hours on end.

Eating right is important! You deserve to enjoy food that tastes great and is great for you. We’re Fresh N Lean, and we can help. We’ll deliver a weekly menu of delicious and seasonal chef-made meals right to your door. Delivery is always fast and free, and your food is always fresh, never frozen. What could be better?

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Prepared Meal Plans

CWE, the Landing, Soulard, The Loop … no matter where you are, we’ll bring deliciousness direct to your door. Plus, our meals are USDA Organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. Eating well couldn’t be easier!

Quick Meals for Busy Schedules

Whether your tastes tend toward Grant’s Farm or Laumeier Sculpture Park, there’s way too much to do in the Lou. All the more reason to spend your time having fun — not working hard to plan and crank out your week’s meals. Let us handle it — all our meals have balanced macros, and they’re helpfully divided into satisfying meal portions.

Delicious and Sustainable

In the River City, it’s easy to forget how great we have it. The parking’s easy, the people are friendly and so many cool activities are totally free. Similarly, Fresh N Lean is committed to caring for the planet. Not just today, and not just in our own backyard — but for the future and for the entire world. That’s why we use eco-friendly packaging and make our meals with responsibly raised meat, like wild-caught seafood and cage-free chicken that’s free of hormones or antibiotics.

Mealtime, Made Easy

It’s going to take a long time — possibly forever — to get over what happened to the Birds on the Bat in the 2013 World Series. We promise that mealtimes with Fresh N Lean will be a much easier and less heartbreaking affair. Since our meals arrive to you fully cooked, all you have to do is heat for 3 minutes and eat. There’s no cooking, no shopping and no prep.

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Get Healthy Meal Delivery in St. Louis

Delivery All Over St. Louis

Did you go to Roosevelt or Sumner? Private or magnet? No matter where you came from or where you call home in St. Louis, we’ll bring 5-star scratch-made meals right to your door. Plus, our meals are made in a FDA-certified kitchen facility using Certified Humane practices. We use locally grown, whole food ingredients.

Flavors of the Lou, Delivered Right to You

What are some of the great dishes and flavors to come from St. Louis? Well, how much time do we have to discuss? From provel to butter cake; Ted Drewes frozen custard to Gus’s Pretzels; toasted ravioli to slingers; oh, and of course the barbequed pork steak … there’s no shortage of culinary icons here. Dishes like our Bbq Broccoli And Yukon Potato With Cage-Free Chicken Thigh and our Bbq Broccoli And Yukon Potato were inspired by the unique tastes of Mound City.

Got Places to Be? We’ll Save You Lots of Time (and Money)

Tons of amazing events happen only once a year in the Fourth City — from the Bluesweek Festival to Soulard Mardi Gras to the Delmar Loop Ice Carnival and more. Don’t miss out on something great because you’re spending time doing something boring. Fresh n’ Lean will help you streamline your entire schedule by removing the hassle and time commitment of meal prep. This is the future of fast food.

Gotta Go? We’re Flexible So You Can Be, Too!

Lots of things are built to last in the Rome of the West. For example: The Arch, Eads Bridge and the Wainwright Building. On the other hand, we know that your life and your needs can change. We offer a variety of fully-cooked weekly meal plans. Plus, we’re flexible! You can pause, cancel or customize your plan at any time. You can even add on snacks or bulks sides as you wish, whenever you want.

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