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Every week, pre-made meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Meal Delivery in San Antonio, TX

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is hard when you’ve got breakfast tacos and a Big Red calling your name in the morning. But with Fresh N Lean you can stock your fridge with a week’s worth of fresh, organic, and ready-to-eat meals and start off each day with food your body will thank you for. Just pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re all set.

Fresh pre-made meals

Weekly Meal Delivery

Hate going grocery shopping and getting stuck in San Antonio traffic? Don’t want to spend hours cooking, prepping and cleaning your food just so you can stay healthy? We didn’t think so. That’s why with Fresh N Lean you’ll never have to compromise again. Our nutrition-packed meals come pre-portioned and ready-made, so you can cut out the trips to H-E-B altogether.

Make Healthy Choices Easier Than Ever

If you’ve ever gotten home, opened your fridge or pantry to find nothing inside, and admitted defeat to a food delivery app then you’re not alone. But with our guaranteed fresh meal delivery you can simply reach into your fridge and kick those unhealthy options to the curb. That means less time stressing over food and more time talking about the Spurs game.

Quality to Satisfy the Strictest Health Freak

To be honest, we’re a little obsessed with food quality (ok, we’re really obsessed). That’s why you won’t find any GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, or artificial dyes in our meals. Every ingredient is recognizable and included to skyrocket your performance and boost your energy levels. Perfect for Military City.

Perfect Health in a Fraction of the Time

Why spend your entire Saturday shopping and meal prepping when you could be hanging out at SeaWorld or the Japanese Tea Gardens? Get your time back with our extremely convenient ready-made meals. Trust us, you won’t miss that sink full of dirty dishware.

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San Antonio Meal Prep Delivery

Delivery All Throughout San Antonio

Whether you live in Alta Vista, Alamo Heights, Tobin Hill or City Center – our free meal prep delivery is here to make taking care of your health extremely easy. Get a week’s worth of high quality meals shipped right to your doorstep or office in San Antonio, Texas. Think you’ll miss the delivery? Don’t worry, our insulated packaging keeps your meals fresh for hours.

Live Your Healthiest Life

The perfect partner to an active lifestyle is a healthy diet. So whether you’re taking on the trails at Eisenhower Park or biking through Brackenridge, you’ll be able to optimize your health with our dietitian-approved meals packed with the micro and macronutrients your body needs.

Plans Designed for YOUR Nutrition Needs

Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb or High Protein – we’ve got what you need. Whether you’re religious about your food or just want to make a better choice than Whataburger – our meal plan variety has something for everyone. Plus, constantly rotating dishes means you won’t get bored with your options.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

Trying to stay healthy when you’ve hardly got time to spare can seem downright unfair (or at least we think so). Level the playing field with our pre-portioned meals that include exact nutritional, ingredient, and micro/macronutrient breakdowns. Then, use that extra time to catch up on sleep or hang out at Pearl – it’s your choice.

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