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Charleston Meal Prep Delivery

When your city is as picturesque as Charleston, you deserve food that looks the part, too. Magnolias, horse-drawn carriages and pretty palmettos: What’s not to love? Fresh N Lean’s meal delivery service features a weekly menu of gluten-free, USDA Organic, non-GMO delicious meals. The food looks great and tastes even better. Plus, the convenience is life-changing.

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Always Fresh

Shrimp and grits, amazing bourbon and bacon everything! OK, nobody said eating in this city was healthy. Fresh N Lean lets you enjoy the delicious culinary heritage of Charleston, but without the negative health effects. Our meals are always chef-prepared fresh and delivered to your door fresh, never frozen.

Feel-Good Food That Tastes Great

The Charleston style of architecture has inspired people all around the world. Warm sea breezes and inviting piazzas are what downtown’s all about. And the bright colors of Rainbow Row are just like the bold hues in our delicious, seasonal dishes. We always use locally grown produce and whole foods ingredients.

No Time? No Problem!

If there’s one thing you can guarantee in Charleston, it’s that you’re going to encounter a lot of unexpected OSU gear in your day-to-day. If there’s another thing you can guarantee? Nobody has enough time! Fresh N Lean to the rescue. Since our meals are conveniently ready-to-eat in 3 minutes — you’ll never have to waste time on cooking or prep.

Delivered Meals with a Charleston Twist

While we don’t offer boiled peanuts (yet!), our menus feature some distinctly Charlestonian touches. Everything we make is nutrient-dense and has balanced macros. You have the option of adding on snacks and bulk sides. We think you’ll notice the Charleston flair in dishes like Bell Pepper Brown Rice and Cheesy Bacon Cage-Free Chicken.

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Prepared Meal Delivery in Charleston, SC

Bulk Up. Slim Down. Do it All!

Your health, weight and body composition goals are unique and evolving. Slimming down in preparation for a Spoleto Festival splurge? Bulking up for an upcoming beach weekend in Kiawah? We’re a top source for keto meals in Charleston, and our paleo plan is quite popular, too. We’re proud of the plant-based options in our vegan plan, too. And while it’s not necessarily a popular choice in Charleston — we offer an excellent low-carb menu, too.

Great Taste, Green Values

Whether you’re a Clemson or Gamecocks fan, we can all agree on one thing: This planet is worth protecting. We prepare our food using Certified Humane practices in our USDA-certified kitchen facility. We also use eco-friendly packaging and responsibly raised meat — such as wild-caught seafood and cage-free chicken, free of hormones or antibiotics.

We Deliver Everywhere

With so much to see in the Palmetto State, we understand if you want to wander! We deliver all over the state. From Columbia to Mount Pleasant to Rock Hill and Greenville, and everywhere in between, we bring your meals right to your door. Our delivery is always fast, fresh and free.

Want Options? You Got ‘Em!

Using Fresh n’ Lean’s weekly meal prep delivery service is like hitting the bars along Shem Creek — so many choices! We never lock you down. Our meal plans are flexible, giving you the option to pause, cancel or customize whenever you want. Our menu is dietitian-approved and our food arrives in satisfying portions. You can’t go wrong.

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