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Sacramento Meal Delivery Service

Fresh N Lean offers a fresh meal delivery service available in Sacramento, CA. Get the convenience of having pre-made organic meals delivered right to your home or office every week and make the most out of the Golden State’s chilled out approach to life.

Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Organic Meals, Delivered Weekly

As residents of one of California’s largest cities, Sacramento locals are no stranger to outstanding food. That’s why we offer the freshest, tastiest ready-to-eat meals as mouth-wateringly flavorful as your favorite Cali cuisine. Skip the Midtown crowds and pack your fridge with a week’s worth of delicious organic meals. After all, who doesn’t love having restaurant-quality food at their fingertips?

Healthy Food To Fuel Your Lifestyle

Our perfectly portioned meals are a satisfying way to keep on track with your diet. With keto, plant-based, low-carb, and paleo options, no matter what plan you sign up to, you can rest assured that each of our chef-prepared meals is packed with nutritious whole foods. Our meals have balanced macros and essential micronutrients to help you feel your best.

Your Meals, Your Way

Have a food allergy? Can’t stand eggplant? You can customize your meal plan to skip out on ingredients that don’t tantalize your taste buds. And if you’re tired of searching for gluten-free options when dining out, your worries are over. Our meal plans are always made without gluten.

No-Hassle Delivery

You can get your supply of pre-made meals in a single delivery so you’re stocked up for the week. No need to frantically order a takeaway when a late night at work catches you off-guard. No matter where you are in Sactown we can deliver your meals straight from our FDA-approved kitchen facility to your home or office.

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Meal Prep Delivery in Sacramento

California Local Grown

We’re committed to sourcing locally-grown organic produce and responsibly raised proteins in every one of our meals. Our chefs use in-season organic non-GMO produce from local California farmers to craft the tasty dishes in our meal plans. Taste the best California has to offer without ever having to walk out your front door.

Heat, Eat, Recycle

Don’t just eat clean, live clean! We pack each delivery to reduce waste. Nearly everything in our delivery boxes is designed from eco-friendly recyclable materials to cut down on our carbon footprint.

Meals For Life on the Go

Our BPA-free plastic trays are designed for life on the go. Pop one of our ready-to-eat meals in your bag to take to the office or head over to Discovery Park for an impromptu picnic. Wherever life takes you, you can now keep hunger at bay the healthy way.

Signed Off By Pros

Each dish is designed by dietitians to maximize nutrient content and ensure each meal has balanced macros. Our culinary team then work their magic by creating enticing dishes inspired by the world’s most popular cuisines. The result is irresistible eats packed with nutrient-dense fresh ingredients suitable for every lifestyle whether you’re angling for a promotion at work or training for Eppie’s Great Race.

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