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Your prepared meals arrive fresh in an insulated box. Just unpack and put them in the fridge.


No time? No problem. Just heat when hungry. Ready in 3 minutes.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in-between. We cater to your diet.

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Every week, pre-made meals are delivered to your door, nationwide.

Richmond Meal Delivery

Life’s too short to worry about food all the time — especially when you could be mountain biking in Powhite Park or catching a flick at the Byrd Theater instead. That’s why Fresh N Lean delivers 100% organic, ready-made meals right to your home. Stock up your fridge with a week’s worth of health-boosting goodness and make your next meal a total no-brainer.

Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Fast Food, Delivered

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is tough no matter who you ask – and it’s even harder when you have temptations like Proper Pie Co or Dixie Donuts calling your name. We’re here to make it easy with our delicious, chef-cooked meals. Nourish your body, stay on track with your diet and do it all in less time than a trip to the closest drive-thru.

Busy? Hate Meal Prep? Say No More.

We’re guessing that a complicated and intensive meal prep process is the last thing on your mind after a long day. That’s why we keep things simple for you. Skip the shopping, cooking and cleanup and eat your ideal diet in almost record time with our ready-made meals. Whether you want to catch up on sleep or hang out at Byrd Park afterwards is totally up to you.

3-Minute Dieting. You Heard That Right.

Some call it a “cheat code for your health”. And it’s hard for us to disagree. That’s because 3 minutes in the microwave is all it takes to have an insanely healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner ready. Cut out all the effort from regular dieting and spend your newly freed up time soaking up the sun at your favorite beach if you’d like.

So Fresh It’s Like You Picked It Out Yourself

Every single meal is scratch-made with hand-picked premium ingredients by our professional chefs. In-season organic produce, grass-fed beef and wild-caught seafood is a snapshot of what you can expect. Plus, no added junk or preservatives means you can skip the trip to the 17th Street Farmer’s Market and get the same quality at home instead.

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Fresh Meals Delivered in Richmond

Free Delivery All Throughout Richmond

From Manchester to the Museum District and everything in between – you’ll get free delivery right to your doorstep, office or hotel. And it’ll always be fresh – our pre-insulated boxes and vacuum-sealed containers guarantee that. Your meals will preserve their taste, freshness and quality for hours after delivery, so you if you’re not home when it arrives then don’t stress it.

Perfect Health In Record Time

How many hours would you save without needing to shop, prep, cook and clean? For anyone who cares about staying healthy, the answer is: a whole lot. Get your precious time back and spend your day at the James River instead – when you get back your meals will be waiting for you and ready to eat.

Flexible Plans To Fit Your Needs

We don’t believe in forced commitments or plans that lock you in and cut off your escape. Easily pause your subscription, skip weeks or cancel at anytime. If you’d like to just make a single order you can do that too with our varying à la carte menu. It’s totally up to you.

Designed for Every Type of Diet

Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb or High Protein – we’ve got what you need. Whether you’re religious about what goes into your body or just want to make a better choice than Lee’s chicken after a long day at work, our meal plans have you covered. Plus, constantly rotating and new seasonal dishes keep your diet from boring you to sleep.

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