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Irvine Meal Delivery

If you’ve been looking for a fast organic ready-to-eat meal delivery service in Irvine, CA, your search is over. Fresh N Lean offers a variety of ready-to-eat meal plans. Each plan has a delicious weekly changing menu full of nutrient-dense whole food ingredients and plenty of flavor!

Fresh chef-prepared meals

Packed With Essential Nutrients

Our team of dietitians signs off every meal that’s delivered to your door. With macro levels you can customize and hearty whole food ingredients, you can be confident every bite you take is nourishing you with the nutrients you need. No more breaking out the kitchen scale to figure out how many grams of tofu you need for that new rice bowl recipe.

Variety Delivered Weekly

Stuck in a food rut? We have several diet plans all of which boast a weekly changing menu made up of fresh ingredients and a whole host of different flavors. You can taste your way around your favorite global cuisines without ever having to book a reservation or dirty a pan. Skip the Spectrum Center and eat at home.

Choose Your Plan

Whether you follow a plant-based, keto, paleo, or low-carb diet or simply want to eat better, Fresh N Lean has a meal plan for you. Our gluten and dairy-free meals will satisfy your cravings while meeting your macro and micronutrient needs.

Meal Delivery Made Simple

Irvine is one of California’s fastest growing cities. As part of this vibrant city’s culture, we know you’re busy. To complement your schedule, we offer flexible deliveries on our meal plans so you don’t get stuck at home waiting for a delivery when you could be doing work, hitting the trails, or out enjoying that Orange County sunshine.

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Fresh Meals Delivered in Irvine, CA

The Golden State's Freshest Ingredients

For great flavor, nothing comes close to locally-grown organic produce. Every ingredient in your meal plan was grown on a local organic farm and prepared in our FDA-approved kitchen facility. Our keto and paleo plans feature wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken, all raised in the most humane ways possible. It’s sustainable eating made effortless.

Adios, Fillers

You’ll never find fillers, preservatives or mystery ingredients in our meals. Each of our chef-prepared dishes is full of organic non-GMO whole foods so you’ll recognize everything on the nutrition label. This is the nutrition you deserve whether you’re a professional athlete or simply trying to live a little healthier.

Healthy Eating, No Strings Attached

Our BPA-free meal trays are ideal for travel. Pop one in your backpack and take in the best Irvine has to offer. Going on a day trip to Crystal Cove State Park or catching up at the office? No need to go hungry. Just heat in the microwave and be on your way.

Feel the Flavor

Our chefs infuse our dishes with all the flavors you know and love thanks to Irvine’s thriving food scene. Taking inspiration from the world’s best-loved cuisines, they create mouthwatering dishes you’ll never tire of.

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