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Dayton Meal Delivery Service

In Dayton, you appreciate good food and a good lifestyle. What you lack in pleasant weather, you make up for with pleasant people. While Dayton may not get as much shine as its sister cities Columbus, and Cincinnati, the “gem city” has much more to offer than just its rich history. Whether you’re poring over a crisp craft beer, going for a bike ride through Eastwood, or picking up some fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market, it has a lot to offer. But sometimes it can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re just too busy to shop, prep, and cook. That’s where we come in. Fresh N Lean delivers delicious, nutritious meals to every door in Dayton.

Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered

Delicious Meals With a Dash of Dayton

It’s not easy maintaining your diet, especially when you’ve got legendary locales like Marion’s Piazza (our vote for the best square slice in town), Young’s Dairy, and Esther Price Candy just down the road. That’s why we make our menus irresistible and inspired by international cuisines. Each week you’ll get to try new dishes designed by our top-tier chefs. For those that love Taqueria Mixteca, you’ll love digging into our latin-inspired Mexican Keto Bowl, made with juicy grass-fed beef, fresh roasted veggies, and finished off with our tangy signature sauce. (Just 7 net carbs!). Or if you’re a fan of Hickory Bar-B-Q, you’ll want to try our BBQ-baked shrimp paired with creamy sweet potato, and savory black beans. And in between meals you can treat your sweet tooth to our chocolate-covered almond butter cups for a quick-bite that’s completely dairy-free, gluten-free and guilt-free.

Healthy Living Made Easy

Life is busy, we get it. Sometimes it can feel impossible to get everything done and still have enough hours left over to have a life. If you’re working 40+ hours a week then you know what we’re talking about. Who’s got time to make a list, go to the store, shop for groceries, and figure out what to make? Then you’ve got to prep your food, cook it (half the time it gets burnt), clean up, and repeat. It’s a lot. Imagine everything you could do with all the time you’d save. getting to save all that time (an extra 37 hours back per week – we did the math). You could go for more hikes through Charleston Falls, get out to more Dragon’s games, or just catch up on the tasks that have been piling up. At Fresh N Lean, we take care of everything. Consider us your personal farmer, nutritionist, chef, and delivery guy. Our nutrient-rich meals are ready in minutes. There’s no prep, no fuss, and no mess.

From Our Farms, To Your Forks

When you put good stuff in, you get good stuff out. That’s why we don’t do artificial ingredients, oily sauces, or food labels you can’t even pronounce. Our menus are made from organic whole foods, found only in nature. grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, and sustainable wild-caught fish. All of our ingredients are natural, locally-sourced from our USDA certified farms, and full of nutrients, the way nature intended it. This is the good stuff. We harvest seasonally fresh foods that give you your fill of nutrients. That means completely non-GMO, gluten-free, and pesticide free. From our farms to your forks, we stand by our promise: always fresh, never frozen.

Meals Made For Your Lifestyle

Whatever your lifestyle, diet, or preferences, we’ve got you covered. For the fitness-minded, those who love to bike or jog the Metroparks, you’ll benefit from our Protein+ plan. If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, we make it easy with our Keto and Low-Carb plans. For our plant-based friends who want to cut the meat but keep the flavor, we’ve got some dishes that might even rival Butter Cafe. And for our modern cavemen who just want to bring things back to basics, we’ve got a Paleo plan rich and rooted in whole foods. Within each plan you can even customize your meals to account for any allergies or dietary restrictions you might have.

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Free Delivery To Every Door In Dayton

Why waste time shopping when you can get your meals delivered? From Residence Park, to Old North Dayton, or Belmont, we offer free delivery to every neighborhood in Dayton County. You never have to worry about what to eat or wait for your food to be ready. Just enjoy fresh, nutritious meals, every week. Good to-to in 3 minutes or less.

New Menus Each Week

Let’s be honest, most meal plans are boring. You’re either stuck eating the same thing every night, or you’re eating cardboard-flavored food under the guise of “healthy”. We do things differently. Our menus are inspired by international cuisines and created by our professional chefs. Want to know the best part? We update our menus each week so you can enjoy a fresh variety of mouth-watering meals.

Perfect Nutrition, Perfectly Balanced

It’s hard enough to stay on track with your workouts, let alone your diet. Gone are the days of having to count calories, or manually add up your macros. With Fresh n’ Lean you put your diet on autopilot. Every item on our menu is perfectly balanced, nutritionally sound, and dietician-approved to help you reach your goals, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Good For You, Good For The Planet

While the winters in Dayton may be brutal, there’s nothing like the spring scenery or the fresh fall foliage. Whether you’re in the midwest, or the west coast, we believe healthy food comes from a healthy planet. That’s why we do our part to promote sustainable, and environmentally-friendly practices. Not only do we source our foods from our very own USDA certified farms we also package our meals in 100% biodegradable materials. So, when you join Fresh n’ Lean, you can feel good about doing your part. Simply heat, eat, and toss (into the recycling bin).

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