The Best 90-Second Keto Bread Recipe (Only 4 Ingredients!)

Dear Bread, we’re so glad we found a way to enjoy you while doing keto. This easy keto bread recipe makes our sandwiches easier to hold and our morning eggs less lonely.

Bread is usually one of the first things to go when you start a keto diet. While whole wheat bread is typically very healthy for you, it’s full of carbohydrates you can’t afford when you’re trying to achieve ketosis! Luckily, there are substitutions to help you make delicious keto bread that also takes LESS time than regular bread (we’re talking 90 seconds!) 

You know what else you can enjoy in 90 seconds on keto? WHOLE MEALS that come straight to your door! Nothing’s easier than keto that skips the prep part, right?  

This recipe makes about 4 servings of keto bread that won’t have an overly eggy or almond buttery-taste that some keto breads can have. It’s just fluffy, low-carb deliciousness! 

Table of Contents 
Ingredients for Simple Keto Bread 
Directions (For Oven OR Microwave Baking) 
The Clean Knife Test 
More Keto Baking Recipes 

Ingredients for Simple Keto Bread 

2 cups coconut flour or almond flour 
2 large egg whites 
2 Tbsp baking powder 
2 Tbsp heavy cream or coconut oil 

You only need 4 simple ingredients to make a low-carb, fluffy bread.

Optional: ¼ tsp of salt (great for a bit of flavor, but not necessary, as keto bread is gluten free, and salt usually works to tighten the gluten in bread dough!) 

Directions (For Oven OR Microwave Baking) 

  1. Preheat oven to 350°. (Skip this step if using a microwave).
  2. In a medium sized bowl, mix coconut oil or heavy cream and baking powder together. If using coconut oil, make sure it is melted and at room temp (about 76°)! 
  3. After the baking powder is fully mixed into your cream/oil, mix in the egg whites, being careful not to cream them or you’ll end up with a merengue. It’s best to hand mix with a paddle spoon or a fork or use the lowest setting on an electric mixer.  
  4. Slowly incorporate your flour a half cup at a time, mixing until there are no dry ingredients and the dough clings to your spoon. 
  5. Pour the dough in a greased bread pan, or an oven-safe baking dish and spread the dough evenly to the edges. *  
  6. Oven Baking: Bake bread for 9-10 minutes until it passes the “clean knife test.” (See below on how to do this!) 
    Microwave Baking: Microwave for 90 seconds at 100% power or until your keto bread is firm on top and bounces back when you touch it. You can also use the “clean knife test” to see if the middle is baked.  

*Note: To make it easier to take your keto bread out at the end, you can also make a parchment paper sling. To do this, lay two strips of greased parchment paper in a + shape so you can easily lift it out at the end! Just make sure the strips are long enough that they hang over the sides of the dish you are using.  

The “Clean Knife Test” 

The “clean knife test” involves sticking a thin knife blade into the center of a baked good until the blade reaches all the way to the pan. When you remove the knife, if the blade is clean and doesn’t come out with raw ingredients on it, then your keto bread is ready to take out! 

When your knife comes out clean, you know your bread is done baking!

You can use any thin, smooth item to perform this test, such as a toothpick, angled spatula, or fork. Shiny objects work best, however, because you can easily tell if the eggs still need to be cooked, as there will be greasy or grimy streaks on the utensil.  

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