Health Benefits of Fresh N Lean Specialty Spices

Here at Fresh N Lean, our food is always prepared fresh and with the finest healthful, organic plant-sourced ingredients. Our chefs exclusively prepare meals using produce that is non-GMO and nutrient dense, which you can taste in every delicious bite.
spices and herbs on wooden spoons

Some people like to breathe in the sweet aroma of rose petals or Young Living essential oils, but you prefer to breathe in the pages of your Women’s Health or SHAPE magazines. There’s something about cracking down on all of the latest health news and best ingredients for your meals because it’ll have you that much closer to your aspiring Beyonce body.

If this is you on a daily basis, we understand the obsession. To add onto your long-running list of ingredients with health benefits, here’s another to consider adding to your kitchen. Spices are all the rage when it comes to ensuring that you’re healthy, trimming down, and boosting your metabolism — essential to your dieting plan.

That’s why at Fresh N Lean, we only use the finest and organic plant-sourced ingredients including all of the magic-working spices! Count on all of your meals being made with produce that’s non-GMO and nutrient-dense, so that you can savor each delicious bite.

spices and herbs on wooden spoons

Here are some of the health benefits that come with the spices we use in our meal delivery service:


Don’t freak. Before this turns you off with the bad garlic breath, consider the many benefits that come with it. Many food cultures use garlic, and for all the right reasons. It’s linked to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke risk, and boost your immunity. Think twice before casting judgment!


Turmeric is like the hidden diet secret, serving as a natural anti-inflammatory that contains curcumin, which helps to reduce pain and risk of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as certain forms of cancer. Be sure to pick up a bottle of turmeric for your cart the next time you stroll through Whole Foods!


Next time your kids are setting you off or your husband forgets to toss his dirty clothes into the laundry basket, don’t lose your cool just yet. Basil is an herb that is known to reduce stress and is a smart way to reduce adrenaline response in the body. Ditch the emergency stress-relieving yoga class. Save that money towards the next purse you’ve been eyeing, and look to basil, instead.


You know when you’re at a Michelin-starred restaurant on a date night, and there are finishing touches that make a dish that much better? Cilantro has that effect. This herb not only makes everything smell better but reduces toxic heavy metals from the body and improves digestive health. Can you ask for anything better than that? It smells good and does well when it comes to trimming you down.


You can either have ginger as a spice or eat it in its raw form. Have your pick. Ginger not only helps to reduce stomach upset and nausea but reduces blood pressure. It serves as your antioxidant preventing cancers and relieving motion sickness. You may want to smuggle some ginger into your carry-on before you set out on your next cruise!

Sea Vegetables

You know the horrible feeling of when your iPhone is low on battery, and you feel the need to call it a night and leave your Book Club meeting early? Think of sea vegetables as your body’s battery booster. High in protein and minerals, sea vegetables contain nutrition to help heal and restore your body to its optimal function.


You’re probably used to seeing cinnamon sprinkled onto your favorite Starbucks drink, but did you know it could serve as a spice also? Cinnamon has been linked to heart-healthy cholesterol-lowering properties, with studies suggesting it’s correlated with improving blood sugar regulation in diabetics. You probably weren’t expecting that one!


Maybe this is TMI, but this herb helps to reduce gas and contains natural digestive benefits. As a great source of Vitamin C, fennel also helps to improve immune functions.


A lemon rosemary salmon is like music to your ears, but did you know all of the health benefits that come with it? This lovely herb is linked to reducing the risk of certain cancers and contains powerful healing antioxidants.

Do you have a favorite herb or spice that’s a go-to for your dishes? Share below in the comments!

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