5 Habits of a Successful Diet

It is important to plan, prepare, stay consistent, have variety, and keep motivated when trying to achieve a diet.
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Whether you’ve committed to trim down your body for a snazzy Halloween costume or are trying to get back into shape after your third baby, the weight loss journey can seem to require a lot out of you mentally and physically.

Whether it’s trying a new diet smoothie or increasing the number of your SoulCycle classes from two to three times a week, you’ll need to put yourself through changes that may be unfamiliar or out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the long-term and lasting results that you want to see.

With a strategic plan in place, losing weight doesn’t have to be a daunting journey!

Let this formula guide you through your journey of shedding off those pounds — for good — all while maintaining a successful diet.

1. Think of the big picture. Plan ahead!

It may seem hard to plan ahead when your busy schedule only allows you to foresee the next 12 hours at most, but planning ahead will make your life ten times easier! Without planning, all of your other preparations can fall out of place without a solid foundation to start with.

To plan ahead, envision the kind of diet that is going to work best for your body. Then, create a clear list of foods you need to purchase on your next Whole Foods trip to avoid getting distracted by the snacks or sweets when you get there.

Planning can also consist of cleaning out your fridge and pantry of unhealthful snacks and junk food that have been collecting dust. Save yourself the trouble of scrambling when it comes to meal or snack time by having your meals and snacks planned ahead of time.

If you want to avoid the hassle completely, you can defer to ordering from a meal delivery service like Fresh N Lean, where all of your meals arrive at your doorstep and ready to eat!

Next steps: There’s no prep or clean-up required. Check out Fresh N Lean plant-based meals for a clean and fulfilling meal for each and everyday of your work week.

2. Be your own cheerleader if need be.

Preparation is another key ingredient to a successful weight loss plan. You’re probably thinking there’s no difference in preparation from planning, but bracing yourself mentally or physically can make the going a lot easier.

For example, form an accountability group consisting of your closest girlfriends to keep each other on track, or going to bed earlier each day to ensure you have the energy you need to eat healthy and workout the following day. Whether it’s building yourself up with positive affirmations or reading motivating health books, preparation will help you to stay encouraged as you go through the motions.

Next steps: They say vision boards are only for the new year, but why not make one for your weight loss journey? Whether it’s filling yourself with encouraging quotes or photo inspiration, it’ll serve as a reminder when you’re having a weak moment or feeling tempted to cave into pre-diet cravings.

3. Keep it up!

Consistency is everything. Once you decide to commit to a diet, incorporating it into your daily routine will help your body to adjust to the changes! Depending on your eating schedule, try to eat your meals at the same times each day, so that your body can assimilate and get into a routine.

Next steps: Use a meal prep calendar (like the one in our meal prepping guide) or use an Excel spreadsheet to map out what your day looks like whether what to cook, the meals you eat or workouts you do.

4. Mix it up every once in a while.

Deciding to go on a diet is challenging enough, but when you have boring or dry snacks that you cringe at the thought of, can turn eating into something that goes from nourishing to something you don’t look forward to.

Incorporate an eclectic mix when it comes to foods for your diet. Whether it’s alternating between colorful salads with exotic toppings, fruit bowls to fruit smoothies, switch it up to keep things interesting! If you’re running low on tasty light bites to munch on that are not your plain granola bars, Fresh N Lean has an array of ready-to-eat snack options on the menu.

Next steps: Create a healthy snack stash (here are some easy vegan snack ideas to try) for your car or office consisting of options that you can go to when you get hungry. Resist the urge to include donuts or Hershey’s candy bars. We see you!

5. Move your body!

Don’t forget to supplement your diet with exercise! While eating healthy is a conscious effort towards a successful diet and shedding off some pounds, deciding to go all in and making healthy a lifestyle can help your body adjust better to make this a long-term effort.

Eating healthy, but deciding to spend all of your time on HBO Go may seem enticing, but won’t work wonders when it comes to getting you to your dream bod. If exercising is a chore for you, invest your time in a low-intensity activity like walking the dogs each day for 20 minutes or riding bikes along the beach.

Next steps: Try setting a reminder on your phone for the same time every day to do a quick 20-minute workout routine as part of your diet!

What strategies have you found to be helpful in helping you maintain a successful diet? Share your secrets below in the comments!

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