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Organic, farm-fresh, ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door nationwide.

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How it works?

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    Chef-prepared meals

    Pick from our existing organic meal delivery plans or customize your own from our A La Carte menu - made by pro chefs and inspired by cuisines from all across the world.

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    Delivered fresh

    Your delicious organic meals are stored in eco-friendly packaging and delivered fresh to your home. Simply unpack the box and store them in your fridge until you're ready to eat.

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    Heat & eat

    Plate up, reheat and enjoy your freshly prepared organic meal. Satisfy your taste buds and supply your body with all the nutrition it could ever need. Quick, easy and delicious.


Fresh n' Lean all-natural and organic meal delivery service provides nutritious, grab-and-go meals that are always:

  • Scratch-Made Meals Scratch-Made
  • USDA Organic Ingredients Organic
  • GMO-free Clean Label Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free Meal Plans Gluten-Free
  • Non-Dairy Recipes Dairy-Free
  • Low-Fat Nutrition Low-Fat
  • Ready-made and Delivered Free Delivered Fresh
Stock Your Fridge with Organic Meal Plans

Organic Food Delivery Service

Naturally delicious and nutritious organic home delivery meals.

Eating farm-fresh, in-season and locally-grown organic meals is one of the best ways to support a healthy, active lifestyle, but it’s not always easy. While organic food is increasingly available in grocery stores, it’s still often pricier than conventional produce, and not always easy to find. The good news? Our organic meal delivery service was designed to make healthy eating a breeze!

Wellness on autopilot

We do the hard work for you – prepping fresh, plant-based meals filled with natural and organic ingredients. All you have to do is take your pick from our extensive meal plans, safe in the knowledge that nothing is ever frozen, and each recipe is packed with antioxidant-rich, whole foods that nourish your body from the inside out.

100% Natural and organic

Everything we craft is made from seasonal, locally-sourced, organic whole foods. No pesticides, GMOs or processed ingredients involved. You can rest assured that you’re getting 100% natural foods with bags of flavor – full of important vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, lean protein, and fiber.

Affordable for all

Health is a long-term investment, but that doesn’t change the fact that shopping for USDA-certified organic and fresh produce is notoriously expensive. We believe you have the right to enjoy a nutritious diet regardless of your budget. That’s why our organic prepared meal plans come out to just $9.33 per meal.

Free nationwide delivery

Simply order online and get your fully-cooked, organic meals delivered to your home or workplace every week – pre-made and ready to eat. Store them in the fridge in their sealed container until it’s time to refuel. Then you just choose what you fancy, heat it up in the oven or microwave, and enjoy!

What’s in Your Organic Meal Box?

  • You’ll receive a range of healthy, pre-made meals – fresh and ready to enjoy!
  • Made with organic ingredients, rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • You can choose your own custom meal plan to fit any dietary needs.
  • Every order includes free nationwide delivery to your home or office.
Starting at:
$8.40 Per Meal
$66.55 Per Week
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Wholesome, All-Natural Prepared Food Dishes

Why Organic Meal Delivery?

There are a whole host of reasons why you might want to include more organic foods in your diet, but doing so isn’t always easy. Our mission here at Fresh n’ Lean is to make things as simple as possible. Everyone has the right to enjoy great-tasting food that nourishes the body, and the planet we live on.

Stress-free eating

Meal prep, shopping at the farmer’s market, cooking and preparing nutritionally-balanced meals… These are all big obstacles you can face when you try to juggle a healthy, organic diet with a busy work and home schedule. Our ready-made wholesome recipes and free home delivery take all the hassle out of healthy eating, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Wholesome, organic ingredients

Genetic modification of whole foods is becoming commonplace, and many supermarket ingredients we consider to be fresh and healthy are potentially laden with harmful pesticides and heavy metals. That’s why we source farm-fresh, locally-grown, 100% natural and organic ingredients free from all of the above (and instead packed with tons of nutrients and natural flavor).

Plant-based goodness

Every dish in our organic meal plan is based around whole, plants foods, and can be made vegan, high-protein and Paleo-friendly. Think protein-packed lentils, fiber-rich ancient-grains, and tons of fresh fruits and veggies all whipped up into culinary masterpieces. Gluten-free, but far from taste-free.

Varied and delicious

When you try to eat mainly organic meals, getting enough variety to meet your nutritional needs (and satisfy your taste buds) can sometimes be a challenge – particularly when you do it alone. Our pro chefs mix it up on a weekly basis, helping to keep things fresh and interesting, while covering all your nutrient bases.

All-Natural Organic Meals Delivered

Sustainable Organic Ingredients

100% Natural + Organic

• Organic, responsibly-sourced
• Nothing processed and never frozen
• Locally-grown, in-season ingredients

Low Fat Recipes

Nourishing + Delicious

• Low fat, salt, sugar and calories
• Jam-packed with antioxidants
• Wholesome, hearty and filling

Natural and Wholesome Food

Free From Nasties

• No artificial flavors or preservatives
• No sugars, MSG, GMOs, or gluten
• Rich, natural flavors from whole foods

Affordable Meal Plans

Totally Affordable

• Save time and effort
• Reduce food waste
• Less than $10 per meal

Easy Meal Subscription Delivery

Free Delivery

• Free nationwide food delivery
• Home or office drop-off
• BPA-free, microwave-safe containers

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Inspiring Cuisines

• Scratch-made by pro chefs
• Locally sourced, internationally inspired
• Asia, South America, the Mediterranean and beyond

Supercharge Your Nutrition

Mouth-watering organic meals, delivered straight to your door.

At Fresh n’ Lean, our goal is to create incredible organic dishes that are prepared fresh, taste great and nourish your body. Since launching in 2010, we’re proud to have delivered more than 4 million of these to individuals and families all across the nation.

Join today to enjoy gourmet-quality, organic prepared meals delivered right to your doorstep. Meals that support your well-being and body composition, without you ever getting bored of the same old flavors.

Always natural

No gluten, dairy, artificial flavors, MSG, preservatives, or processed ingredients. We’ve made sure that every lunch, dinner and breakfast dish in our organic food delivery service is full of plant-based protein, gut-healthy fiber, and micronutrient-rich whole foods. Chef-prepared and dietitian approved.

Fresh and practical

It’s unfortunate that most of the time, convenient eating comes at a price. Takeout and fast-food is so often drowned in unnecessary oils, salt, and sugar. We let the natural flavor of whole foods do the talking. Enjoy farm-fresh dishes packed with natural herbs and spices, ready to heat and eat as you please.

Made to fit

You may be a health-conscious individual looking to eat well but save time and money. A busy parent trying to lose weight and stay fit. Someone with health challenges or dietary restrictions wanting to support their well-being with food. Whoever you are, our organic meal plans can be tweaked to fit your personal goals and requirements.

Varied and flavorful

In our quest for a healthier planet, we’re committed to using sustainable, seasonal ingredients sourced from local communities. Every week, our professional chefs use those to put together a varied organic menu that includes Asian-inspired, South American, Continental, and Mediterranean classics (all given an all-natural, healthy, organic spin).

We've delivered more than 6 million meals

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Questions About Our Food?

Healthy meal prep doesn’t have to be bland or time-consuming. We believe that you can have the best of both worlds – enjoying mouth-watering meals that take you next to no time to prepare. Have a question about our organic meal prep delivery service?

  1. Are all of your ingredients organic?

    Yes, 99% of ingredients included in our ready-to-eat meal plans are organic. Free from pesticides, hormones, and always non-GMO. Ingredients such as herbs and spices may not always be organic (as indicated on food labels).

    Our meat and poultry are 100% antibiotic-free – following the “Never Ever” USDA standard.

  2. Where do you source your produce?

    Protecting the natural world is something we’re passionate about, so we get all our fresh produce from local distributors who grow organically. Everything included in our meals is sourced sustainably using environmental-friendly agriculture methods.

  3. How long will my food stay fresh?

    10 Days from getting your organic meals delivered to your home. With our proprietary insulated packaging used during transit and a standard home refrigerator, most ingredients will stay fresh for 10 days after arrival. You may freeze your meals if you want to extend the shelf life further.

  4. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

    Yes. Our food delivery service was designed to be as sustainable as possible. We are constantly innovating and trying to minimize our carbon footprint.

    Our meal delivery boxes, plastic meal containers, and packaging materials are all 100% recyclable. Our gel ice packs are non-toxic and water-soluble – simply drain the contents in the gel packs and recycle the plastic pouches.

  5. Which meal plan should I choose?

    If you want to go the sustainable route and experiment with a vegan diet, our Plant-Based Meal Plan is the way to go. If you’re an athlete, our ION Performance Paleo or Protein+ Plans are perfect. And if you’re looking to cut carbs or lose a little weight, our Low Carb / Low Cal Plant-Based Plan is the one for you! With all of our plans, you get natural and organic prepared meals delivered right to your door, free shipping included!

  6. Is eating organic always a healthier choice?

    The great news is that by choosing organic foods, you free yourself from GMOs, pesticides, added hormones, and synthetic chemicals. Many believe that eliminating these controversial components is a better choice for your long-term health.

    That being said, eating organic doesn’t necessarily always mean healthy – it really depends on your food choices. For example, organic chips are still processed foods, and they aren’t necessarily more nutritious than non-organic varieties!

    Your best bet? Stick to balanced meals that contain not just organic ingredients, but a wide range of nutrient-dense, whole foods – just like the ones found in our meal prep service.

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