Mediterranean Diet Meal Delivery: FAQs Answered

Researchers have studied the Mediterranean diet for decades. With Mediterranean diet meal delivery, you can access this eating plan's many health benefits.


The Mediterranean diet offers scientifically proven health benefits, and doctors prescribe it to address chronic conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Mediterranean diet meal delivery provides convenient access to this nourishing eating plan. But first, it’s essential to choose the best meal delivery company for your needs.  

Scientists have done a lot of research on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. 

The traditional diets of countries close to the Mediterranean Sea guide this eating plan. This diet is largely based on plant-based cuisine. It includes foods such as grains, vegetables, and nuts, prepared with healthy ingredients like olive oil. 

Meal delivery is a great way to access the benefits of this diet. You can conveniently integrate this eating plan into your routine by subscribing to a Mediterranean diet meal delivery service. 

Below, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions regarding Mediterranean diet food delivery. 

With Mediterranean diet meal delivery, which foods are on the menu?

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The foods and ingredients used in this type of meal delivery follow the tenets of the Mediterranean diet.  

With that in mind, let’s look at what that diet is all about. The Mediterranean diet includes nutritious, plant-based meals. It utilizes fruits, fresh vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and healthy fats like olive oil. Additionally, this diet contains smaller quantities of dairy and animal proteins, emphasizing fish and seafood. The eating patterns of people who live near the Mediterranean Sea inform the tenets of this diet.

There are no ironclad dietary restrictions. However, those who want to reap the most benefit from a Mediterranean meal plan typically minimize their consumption of red meat, refined foods and highly processed foods. 

So, what can you expect if you choose a food delivery service to support this eating plan? Your Mediterranean diet meal box will include cuisine made with fresh ingredients like olive oil, vegetables, green beans, herbs, tomato sauce, spices, whole grains and seafood. 

What’s the history behind the foods used in Mediterranean diet meal delivery?

This eating plan reflects traditional Mediterranean meals; more specifically, it borrows mid-20th-century dietary traditions from places like Crete, Greece, and southern Italy. So, why were diets from these countries selected as a blueprint for this eating plan?

It all has to do with people’s general health in those regions. During the middle of the 20th century, the residents of those Mediterranean countries had low rates of chronic disease and higher-than-normal life expectancy. Those positive outcomes are even more impressive when considering that people in these nations had limited access to healthcare. 

Researchers established a link between their diet and their excellent health. Next, scientists used their findings to develop a template for what came to be known as the Mediterranean diet. 

What are some of the benefits of Mediterranean diet meal delivery?

Here are some benefits of getting Mediterranean meal boxes delivered:

1. Supports heart health

Scientific research backs the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Studies show this diet positively impacts cardiovascular health; it can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. By working with a delivery service that provides these foods, you can access these benefits consistently. 

2. Fosters healthy blood sugar levels

If you choose to get Mediterranean diet meals delivered, you’ll enjoy food that supports healthy blood sugar levels. Research shows that this diet can help prevent type 2 diabetes. And studies show that this eating plan can help reduce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition that prevents the body from effectively regulating its blood sugar. 

3. Supports brain health

By signing up for Mediterranean diet meal delivery, you’ll gain access to an eating plan with science-backed benefits for brain health and cognition. For example, studies link the Mediterranean diet with improved memory and reductions in risk factors concerning Alzheimer’s disease. And researchers associate this eating plan with improvements in cognition, attention, memory, and processing speed in healthy older adults. 

4. Provides convenient access to healthy food

Healthy eating isn’t always easy. It often requires you to shop for foods that support your healthy diet. And you’ll need to spend time working with each recipe as you prepare food in your kitchen. Mediterranean diet meal box delivery allows you to skip these aspects of meal planning and food preparation. The food needed for your Mediterranean diet arrives at your door. It’s a convenient way for you to access food that can improve or maintain your health. 

What makes Mediterranean diet meal delivery different from other types of food delivery?

There are many different diets out there, supported by various meal delivery plans. However, Mediterranean diet meal delivery is different from the rest for one key reason: This healthy meal delivery service involves a heavily researched diet with proven scientific benefits. Because of all the studies that support this eating plan, doctors often prescribe the Mediterranean diet to their patients. 

How can I choose the best Mediterranean diet meal delivery service?

Companies such as Blue Apron, Home Chef, Splendid Spoon, Home Bistro, Green Chef, Daily Harvest and Silver Cuisine offer food compatible with the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, here at Fresh N Lean, we deliver these meals to your door.

However, you’ll find that the products and services offered by all these companies differ in ways that may be quite meaningful to you. With this in mind, it’s essential to select a meal delivery service that aligns with your personal health goals. 

Here are some tips for choosing the best Mediterranean diet meal delivery service for your needs. 

1. Select a Mediterranean diet meal delivery company that uses organic ingredients

Organic food is free of harmful pesticides and hormones. So, for maximum health benefits, it’s good to choose a meal delivery company that uses organic ingredients. Here at Fresh N Lean, we make our meals using organic ingredients that support your health.  

2. Decide whether you want meal kits or prepared meals

Some companies deliver meal kits that require cooking and meal prep. Others send you prepared meals that are ready to eat. Many people find prepared meals to be the more convenient option. With Fresh N Lean’s Mediterranean diet meal delivery service, we ship fully prepared meals to your door – all you need to do is warm them up in the microwave. 

3. Choose a Mediterranean diet meal delivery company that provides nutritional counseling

The Mediterranean diet is all about improving your wellness via healthy meals. As your journey progresses, you may need some guidance regarding nutrition. Nutritional counseling can help you answer important questions and make smarter choices. Here at Fresh N Lean, we have a team of nutritionists on hand to provide you with the support that can help you get the best possible results from Mediterranean diet meal delivery. 

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