Meal Delivery Service Reviews: How to Use Them

Meal delivery service reviews can help you make smarter food choices. They can help you choose a meal delivery company that supports your health goals.


A meal delivery service can help you reach your health goals. And the best way to evaluate these companies is to look at first-hand reviews posted by their customers. These meal delivery service reviews can also help you decide what type of service best fits your needs. For example, you can choose a service that sends prepared meals to you. Or you could opt for a service that sends a meal kit — each meal delivery kit includes ingredients and a recipe. 

Getting your meals delivered can significantly impact your health and nutrition, but not all meal delivery services are the same. 

There are lots of different options out there. And there are many variables to consider when making meal delivery part of your overall health strategy.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few meal choice alternatives. And since meal delivery service reviews provide insight that can help you decide which route to take, we’ll also include an interview we conducted with Fresh N Lean customer Garry H. In his interview, Garry reviews the benefits of meal delivery and talks about his experience with Fresh N Lean. 

Meal kits or prepared meal delivery?

Box Delivered

Let’s start by covering some fundamental decisions you’ll need to make when picking a meal delivery service. 

With meal delivery, you can choose between meal kits and prepared meals. 

Let’s start with meal kits. Typically, with a meal kit delivery service, you’re sent a meal kit every week. This kit usually contains recipes and pre-portioned ingredients that you can use to make a healthy meal for yourself at home. Since no meal planning and grocery shopping are required, a meal kit delivery service can help you avoid making tedious trips to the grocery store. But with this type of service, cooking is required. If you’ve read meal delivery service reviews for this type of subscription, you’ll quickly see that a meal kit service is not the best choice if you want to spend less time in the kitchen. 

Now let’s take a look at prepared meal delivery. As its name indicates, a prepared meal delivery service sends prepared meals to your home or office. Every individual meal comes cooked and fully assembled. With this meal plan option, you don’t have to spend time cooking or grocery shopping to get a delicious meal on your plate. 

Fresh or frozen?

Your options don’t end there. You can also choose between fresh meals and those that are frozen. 

Some meal delivery companies send you food that’s frozen. This approach can apply to either meal kits or prepared meals. Naturally, a frozen meal requires thawing. And some meal delivery service reviews for this type of subscription make a good point: Once you’ve thawed frozen food, it may not taste as fresh as you’d like. 

Another meal plan option is to look for a prepared meal delivery service providing food that’s 100 percent fresh, with fresh ingredients. Since these nutritious meals aren’t frozen, you don’t need to thaw them. These fresh meals are ready to eat.  

What about dietary restrictions and preferences?

The final aspect to consider when choosing a meal delivery service concerns dietary restrictions and preferences. 

If you’re following a particular diet, you’ll need to choose a meal delivery service with a meal option that caters to your preferred way of eating. 

Many meal delivery companies provide diverse options. For example, if you’re on a vegan diet, vegan meal delivery services can ship a healthy vegan meal to your door. If you’re vegetarian but not vegan, some companies send you nourishing plant-based meals. And if you’re on a keto diet, paleo diet or high-protein meal plan, there are companies with meal choices that match your needs. 

What if you’re a picky eater who doesn’t like certain ingredients? Some meal delivery services allow you to customize your meals so that you can exclude a particular ingredient. We offer this perk at Fresh N Lean.  

And what about those who prefer to have their meals prepared by a chef? Meal delivery companies like Fresh N Lean provide chef-prepared food that’s tasty and good for your health. 

Meal delivery service reviews: Meet Garry H. 

A while back, Garry H. posted a testimonial on our Fresh N Lean reviews page. After reading his feedback, we reached out to him so we could have a deeper discussion. In his interview, he talks about the variables he considered when choosing a meal delivery service. He also discusses his experience as a Fresh N Lean subscriber. 

Garry, thanks for posting your testimonial on our meal delivery service reviews page. How long have you been with our service?

I signed up with Fresh N Lean on January 29, 2021. 

Why did you decide to subscribe to a meal delivery service? And what made you choose Fresh N Lean specifically?

I decided a meal delivery service would be my best choice since I was not good at calculating the macro numbers needed to achieve my weight loss goal. I chose Fresh N Lean because I tried other plans that sent me meal kits with recipes and ingredients. When I cooked those other meals, they came out nothing like I was hoping for — I’m just not a good cook!

What are your health goals, and how does Fresh N Lean’s meal delivery service support your objectives?

My health goals were to lower my weight and cholesterol to healthier numbers. Fresh N Lean uses the healthy organic ingredients I need, and you don’t over-season the meals with salt for flavor — that has helped me keep my sodium intake at a lower number. I like that Fresh N Lean puts “Add salt and pepper to taste” on the label, leaving the sodium levels up to me.

Which meal plan did you choose and why?

I have tried and enjoyed three of your meal plans. I started with your Keto meal plan to kick start the weight loss. Then, after losing 20 pounds in the first six weeks, I switched over to the Paleo meal plan. I stuck with Paleo for the next six weeks and lost another 15 pounds. After that, I switched over to the Protein+ meal plan to support my workouts and lost the last 5 pounds. 

A lot of people write meal delivery service reviews about the benefits of having their food delivered. For you, what are the most significant benefits of having your meals delivered? 

I enjoy using a meal delivery service. I’m a single male who does not know how to shop! And when I tried shopping before Fresh N Lean, I could not figure out all the macro numbers to make my meals keto or paleo.

Has eating a diet based on Fresh N Lean meals changed the way you feel physically and mentally?

Since getting my weight down, the most noticeable improvements are lower cholesterol and better sleep. And hikes that used to take me four hours now take just 2.5 hours. No stopping to rest — just go, go, go. 

Many people find inspiration in meal delivery service reviews like yours. Is there any advice or encouragement you’d like to share with our readers?

My advice to others is to stick with it — it’s tough, but the rewards are worth it. And remember that it’s OK to add to your meal for flavor. I like adding an avocado or green chilis — these foods are compatible with the macros of the keto, paleo and high-protein meal plans. Even though I reached my health goals months ago, I still get Fresh N Lean meals delivered — I like that they’re healthy and come right to my door. My personal opinion is that Fresh N Lean’s meals have added years to my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

Next steps

Garry H. used Fresh N Lean to help him reach his fitness goals, and so can you. You can read more stories like Garry’s on our testimonials page. And for added inspiration, take a look at this keto success story from another one of our satisfied customers.

We’ve got meal plans to suit all preferences — whether you’re looking for a vegetarian option, a vegan meal delivery service, or chef-prepared paleo, high-protein or keto meals, we’ve got you covered. And our convenient delivery allows you to skip time-consuming trips to the grocery store. So subscribe today to get Fresh N Lean meals delivered to your door. 

Fresh N Lean is the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service. Our tasty, chef-prepared cuisine is always fresh and never frozen, and we offer convenient meal plans like Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan and Mediterranean. Choose Fresh N Lean for affordable nutrition, delivered to your doorstep.