Keto Diet Reviews: Chase G. Hearts Keto Meal Delivery

We asked Chase G. to share his story after reading his testimonial on our keto diet reviews page. Read on to learn about his success with keto meal delivery.
Eating plated ketogenic meal


If you’ve read keto diet reviews, you know many people have fallen in love with the keto diet. The use it for all kinds of reasons — fitness, diabetes and blood sugar management, weight loss, reducing body fat and maintaining a healthy body weight. Chase G. used Fresh N Lean’s Keto meal delivery to reach his health goals, and he shares his strategies for keto success. 

If you want to integrate the keto diet into your health regimen, you have an endless array of approaches to consider. 

Whether it’s a keto pill or a keto supplement, there are countless products out there aimed at keto dieters. These products claim they have the power to raise your ketone level and help you enter nutritional ketosis more quickly. Ultimately, these “magic bullets” promise to help you realize all the benefits of a keto diet. Of course, these benefits include everything from fat burning to weight loss. 

And it doesn’t end with products — you have options that extend beyond a ketone supplement or a keto-focused weight loss pill. There are custom keto diet plans that promise to supercharge your results. Whether you have overall health goals or specific weight loss goals, each competing meal plan has its version of what’s necessary to achieve keto success. 

It can all get pretty overwhelming. If you’re confused about which path to take on your keto journey, know that the best advice and guidance often comes from keto diet reviews. These are stories taken from the trenches — real-world accounts of successes and setbacks. 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to share a story from a keto dieter we came across on Fresh N Lean’s page of keto diet reviews. His name is Chase G. He’s been a Fresh N Lean subscriber — onboard with our Keto meal plan — for almost nine months.

Chase used our keto meal delivery service to limit his carb intake and raise his ketone level. Sticking to this low-carbohydrate approach has been easy since his food is delivered — there’s no time spent shopping for low-carb foods or worrying about hitting the right fat macro. Read on to learn about his experiences with Fresh N Lean’s Keto meal plan.  

Chase, thanks for being part of the Fresh N Lean family. We enjoyed reading your testimonial on our keto diet reviews page. How long have you been with our service? 

I have been a Fresh n Lean customer for about nine months. 

Why did you decide to subscribe to a meal delivery service? And what made you choose Fresh N Lean specifically? 

I chose Fresh N Lean because I needed a new, more holistic approach to my diet and fitness routine during the pandemic. I initially chose Fresh N Lean because of the variety of healthy, fully prepped meals available — meals that fit my unique dietary requirements. 

What are your health goals, and how does Fresh N Lean’s meal delivery service support your objectives? 

I initially started the service to lose weight and make better daily food choices. The meals are perfect for me — they offer the right balance of proteins, vegetables and calories, and they’re low in sodium. They’ve allowed me to maintain an ideal weight, and they support healthy levels of good fat in my diet.  

Which meal plan did you choose and why? 

I chose Keto because I wanted to lean out a bit. I have stuck with it because the service makes it so incredibly easy to follow a diet.

Many people on our keto diet reviews page talk about the benefit of combining a ketogenic diet with meal delivery. For you, what are the most significant benefits of having your meals delivered? 

Getting your meals delivered is easy. Since I have young kids, I don’t have a ton of time; meal delivery saves me an awful lot of headaches on busier days. I like not having to come up with something for dinner and lunch that fits my health objectives. I bring the box in, refrigerate it and warm it when I’m ready. 

Has eating a diet based on Fresh N Lean meals changed the way you feel physically and mentally? If so, please share details on the changes and improvements you’ve observed. 

I have seen a more normalized level of energy and mood. Working at home at the onset of the pandemic left me free to wander to the pantry whenever I felt hungry. I don’t get the big spikes in energy levels anymore and feel much better overall. My body has attained a new level in terms of appearance — I have moved leaps and bounds from where I was. I can work out for longer periods. And even on non-workout days, I feel more able to manage whatever the day brings me without needing a pick-me-up. 

Is there any advice or encouragement you’d like to share with readers inspired by positive keto diet reviews like yours? 

Fresh N Lean’s food and plans are consistently awesome, and they make it easy for you to shape a routine and achieve your goals. Give it a week or two, and I would wager you feel better, mentally and physically. You can hit your goals. They are hard enough to reach without the burden of having to prep every meal. With Fresh N Lean’s Keto meal delivery, you can focus on your activity vs. what your next meal is. Meal delivery puts your energy in the right spots. 

Next steps

You can read more Fresh N Lean keto success stories by visiting our testimonials page.

Here’s a keto tip: You don’t need the latest keto diet pill or keto diet supplement to succeed on this low-carb diet. And you don’t need some expensive custom keto diet plan. 

You need to be consistent and stick with the program — watch your carbohydrate intake, avoid refined carbs, get plenty of healthy fatty acids and be mindful of starchy vegetables. And as Chase G. said, the easiest way to ensure you stay true to your keto diet plan is to get an affordable meal delivery service to provide you with tasty, convenient cuisine. 

If you find it overwhelming to plan macros and map ideal levels of saturated fat and net carbs, subscribe to Fresh N Lean’s Keto meal plan. We make it easy for you to become a keto success story. Fresh N Lean provides a cost-efficient, no-hassle approach to the ketogenic diet, delivering delicious keto meals to your home or office. 

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