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With Fresh n’ Lean lower-sodium meal delivery, you get dietitian-approved, hearty and flavorful dishes that are always:

  • Scratch-Made Meals Scratch-Made
  • USDA Organic Ingredients Organic
  • GMO-free Clean Label Non-GMO
  • Non-Dairy Recipes Dairy-Free
  • Low-Fat Nutrition Low-Fat
  • Ready-made and Delivered Free Delivered Fresh!

Lower on sodium, big on flavor

Dietitian-approved meals made with whole foods.

With Fresh n’ Lean, you really can have it all. Each ready-to-go meal is healthy, tasty, freshly prepared, and delivered for your convenience. It’s the new way to eat right, every single day.

On average, our meals contain 600 mg of sodium per meal to make sure you stay below the 2,300 mg recommended daily sodium intake.

Skip the sodium

Lower-sodium diets combat high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health conditions. The problem is that processed foods have high amounts of added salt, and it can seem impossible to avoid all that sodium. Fresh n’ Lean meal delivery service is here to help.

Save hours per week

With your busy life, cooking fresh food every day can seem like a big challenge. Fortunately, our lower-sodium meal plan helps you maintain an all-natural low-sodium diet without the need to spend hours sourcing ingredients and preparing meals.

Packed with goodness

Our chefs go the extra mile to ensure that your meals check all the right boxes. Not only are they lower in sodium — they’re loaded with nutrients, and made with organic, plant-based, non-GMO ingredients. We want to offer you the best for your body and the planet.

Full service experience

Fresh n’ Lean does the hard work for you, so you can focus on other things. We pair premium, locally-sourced, organic ingredients with professional chefs, inspired by cuisines all over the world. Every meal is delivered to your kitchen fully prepared, so all you have to do is heat and serve.

What In Your Delivered Box?

  • You’ll receive a selection of lower-sodium meals, ready to heat and serve.
  • We always source fresh ingredients from local farms.
  • You can choose custom plans that fit your needs and preferences.
  • Receive easy, free delivery to your home or office with each order.
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$7.93 Per Meal
$63.20 Per Week
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Benefits of a low-sodium diet?

Reducing your salt intake is an important step towards healthier eating. The USDA Dietary Guidelines recommends a daily sodium intake of 2,300 milligrams (or 1,500 mg if you have hypertension), which is about just one teaspoon of salt. The average American consumes 20 times more salt per day than the body needs. One of the biggest reasons for this is the high quantities of salt added to processed and comfort foods you might gravitate towards out of convenience.

That’s why one of the best ways to reduce your sodium intake is to switch to freshly prepared whole foods. Our fully prepared lower-sodium meals help you maintain an all-natural cardiac diet without the need to spend hours shopping for ingredients and cooking your meals.

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

A high-sodium diet is associated with restricted blood vessels, which makes your heart work harder and become less efficient. Over time, this can lead to blood clots and heart attacks. By lowering your sodium intake, you can keep your heart healthier and stronger.

Protect yourself from possible stroke

Like a heart attack, a stroke can also be caused by a blocked blood vessel, which deprives your brain of the oxygen it needs. When you cut out processed food and turn to a healthy, lower-sodium meal plan, you can keep your blood vessels in good shape and improve your circulation.

Decrease your chance of kidney disease

Too much sodium can also put major stress on your kidneys. They’ll have a harder time filtering your blood, and regulating fluids and hormones. Happy kidneys help maintain healthy blood pressure, so do your body a favor and eat a balanced lower-sodium diet.

Eat the right amount of sodium for you

A lower-sodium diet isn’t for everyone. If you’re an active athlete, or on certain medications, depleted sodium levels can lead to symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, and muscle cramps. Make sure to talk to your doctor and figure out a plan that works best for your lifestyle.

Premium lower-sodium prepared meals delivered

Made by professional chefs

• Delicious meals from culinary masters
• New recipes keep your week interesting
• Taste natural flavors, not added salts

Low Fat Recipes

Lower-sodium, high nutrition

• Full of the nutrients your body needs
• A simple solution for a lower-sodium plan
• Make healthy eating easy

Natural and Wholesome Food

Organic & natural

• Delicious, fresh, organic veggies
• No GMOs, MSG or preservatives
• Your food is never frozen

Affordable Meal Plans

Eat well for less

• Reasonable prices for full meal plans
• Stop shopping and save time
• We portion everything to stop food waste

Meals Delivered to Your Door

Delivered to you weekly

• All orders have free shipping
• Easily store meals in your fridge
• Ready to serve in minutes

Fully Cooked and Delicious

Fully satisfying

• Lower-sodium meals full of flavor
• A sustainable, balanced diet
• Start feeling healthier today

Get lower-sodium meals delivered fresh

No prep, cooking, or cleanup required.

At Fresh n’ Lean, our goal is to make healthy eating a breeze. We want you to enjoy nutritious, low-salt meals that taste as amazing as they make you feel. That’s why we source local produce and grass-fed meats, and partner with incredible chefs to bring you culinary masterpieces. There’s no extra sugar or fat here — we let the natural flavors of our veggies and spices take center stage.

Establishing and keeping a lower-sodium (cardiac) diet plan is an important step towards healthy eating, but there is more to healthy eating than simply minimizing your salt intake.

Prepared fresh, never frozen

All of our low-salt menu options are based on 100% wholesome ingredients, locally sourced and in-season, and everything is prepared fresh by our chefs.

Diverse cuisines, flavorful meals

We keep our meals exciting by taking inspiration from world-renowned cuisines putting together a heart-healthy lower-sodium menu that never leaves you feeling like you’re missing out.

Built for a hearty lifestyle

Even if curbing your salt intake isn’t your main concern, we can help you reach your dietary goals. Our ready-to-eat lower sodium dishes are perfect as part of any healthy diet, so whether you’re diabetic or just want heart-healthy meals, we are here to help.

Affordable quality

Our goal is to provide delicious, high-quality, nutritious meals. Still, we believe a meal prep delivery service shouldn’t break the bank, so everyone can enjoy healthy eating.

We've delivered more than 25 million prepared meals

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Questions about our food?

Fresh n’ Lean is an organic meal prep company that focuses on producing delicious meals using fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients. We only use the best quality, locally-sourced fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds in our recipes. Everything we cook for our customers is dietitian-approved, prepared by master chefs, and delivered straight to your home anywhere in the country. Have a question about our food service?

  1. When and how will I receive my meals?

    Once your order is processed, you’ll receive your fresh meals delivered via UPS or FedEx Air service and a tracking number will be automatically emailed to you. A detailed menu will also be sent prior to delivery and Meal Plans typically arrive on Fridays.

  2. What will I receive in my meal delivery?

    When you receive your prepared low-sodium food delivery, you’ll find a special insulated/refrigerated container with your pre-made meals for the week. Meals are vacuum sealed in food grade, BPA-free containers. This packaging keeps the dishes farm-fresh, not frozen!

    All the shipping materials we use are fully-recyclable, so please recycle them at your nearest facility.

  3. How long will my meals stay fresh?

    As long as they are refrigerated upon arrival, your delicious ready-to-eat low-sodium meals should keep for about 10 days past delivery. Be sure to check the “Enjoy by” date on the food labels before consumption!

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