Is Honey Vegan?

Honey is made by bees, which are in fact, animals. Therefore, honey is not vegan.

Veganism can become complicated depending on how seriously you take it. The rules are different from one dietary vegan to the next, and these restrictions change dramatically for lifestyle vegans.

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These moving goalposts can make it difficult for vegans to know what they can and cannot eat and why.

In this article, we’ll be looking at honey and whether or not you should eat or use honey as a vegan.

Like so many other topics dealing with veganism, there is a simple answer, but the answer can be complicated greatly, depending on other factors.

An Overview Of Veganism

Veganism is a diet and lifestyle where you avoid using animal products. Some people take that responsibility more seriously than others.

For example, some vegans choose to eat Oreos even though they’ve been processed in factories where there is possible cross-contact with dairy products. Other vegans don’t eat Oreos to avoid that dairy contact. Others avoid them because the palm oil is harvested in such a way that it really hurts certain ecosystems.

How strictly you avoid food will mostly depend on why you’re vegan. There are two reasons why people usually choose to be vegan. Those two reasons are:

To Avoid Animal Products – Some people become vegans simply to avoid animal products.

For these people, it’s the using of animal products that’s bad, not necessarily the effects of using them. They’re looking to avoid meat, dairy, and other animal products for the products’ sake. This might be health reasons, or it might be for ethical reasons, but a great many of these vegans stress the health aspects of veganism.

To Avoid Cruelty – These vegans look at their diet as a reflection of how they treat the world.

They are trying to reduce harm and suffering to other living creatures. For these people, veganism is more about avoiding animal suffering than improving human health.

Is Honey Vegan?

Since veganism is defined by the avoidance of animal products, the answer should be pretty obvious.

No, honey is not vegan.

Honey is made by bees, which are in fact, animals.

That being said, there are probably different ways to look at honey and whether it is still acceptable to consume it or not.

Do Vegans Eat Honey?

There are definitely some people who identify as vegan who still eat honey. There are many ways they may justify this.

Maybe they don’t think insects count because they do not have the same nervous systems as other animals.

Maybe they justify it by saying the honey which humans consume, is only the excess made by bees. Beekeepers only take the honey that bees won’t use over the winter and it doesn’t affect the bees at all to have that honey taken away. It would be very easy for someone who’s vegan to make the argument that, although honey is an animal product, it is still as cruelty-free as consuming vegetables.

If you’re going to define your veganism by whether or not your consuming animal products, like lifestyle vegans do, you’ll have to abstain from honey. But, if you’re more interested in avoiding cruelty, then you may be able to justify some additional wiggle room for honey.

Just recognize that other vegans probably will not see it the same way you do.

Vegan Alternatives To Honey

If you decide to avoid honey, just know that there are alternative sweeteners available to you. If you’re looking for other sweeteners, you can try maple syrup, molasses, barley malt syrup, brown rice syrup, coconut nectar, or agave nectar.

All of these are great alternative sweeteners that work well for vegans who do not want to eat honey. Depending on the meal, even a hint of mint can help give your food a fantastic, sweet taste. Spearmint grows easily in a pot and provides plenty of sweet, mintiness to your food.

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