Wellness for Everyone

Healthy food is what we live for at Fresh N Lean. It’s why we craft all of our meals from fresh, organic ingredients, working hard to design recipes that are nutritionally dense and perfectly balanced. We’ve delivered millions of delicious dishes across the country since 2010, helping thousands of families and individuals put their diet on autopilot.

However, the sad truth remains that for many people across the world, healthy food is not so easily accessible.

In fact, malnutrition is a huge health issue among lower income and homeless communities. It’s something that deeply saddens us. Just like clean air and water, we feel strongly that everyone should have access to nourishing food, and we try to do everything we can to make that a reality.

Delivering More Than Meals

Our goal is to give back to the community and help eradicate food insecurity across the country and the world. To do that, we stick to our strengths – supplying free meals that are both nutrient-dense and packed with flavor.

Part of that mission involves a close partnership with three key organizations:

One of those is The Heart of Jesus Ministry. This volunteer-led non-profit has worked tirelessly for the past 14 years to provide meals and provisions to the homeless and those in need. Their values align exactly with our mission here at Fresh N Lean. We’re super proud to be able to help out in raising hunger awareness and taking steps towards equal access to nutrition.

Partnering with WasteNotOC.orgWe also donate our meals through the Waste Not OC Coalition – a public-private organization formed with the goal of eliminating hunger and reducing food waste in the Orange County area. They work closely with hospitals, food banks, and meal providers, helping to facilitate the donation of wholesome surplus food from permitted food facilities like ours, to local food pantries and people in need. This means less food is wasted and more people have access to healthy meals.

Through the Waste Not OC Coalition, we also collaborate with Grandma’s House of Hope. On the surface, this non-profit appears to be a transition house, but the work they do goes so much further than that. Through a multi-approach program, their big goal is to tackle homelessness, poverty, and hunger in Orange County. It’s all about empowering vulnerable individuals and ‘invisible populations’ – from victims of human trafficking & domestic abuse to those with mental or physical disabilities. Our partnership with GHH helps to provide some of the resources and support these people need to feel safe and to become self-sufficient.

Voting With Your Dollar

Your loyalty means we’re able to donate meals to those less fortunate. In fact, for every meal plan you purchase with us, we pass on that generosity to charity.

Through your continued support, we’ve donated approximately 135,000-140,000 meals since 2010 – and the numbers keep growing. Our current donation rate stands at 55,000 meals annually!

Because of you, our amazing customers, we’re able to give back and help shape the world into a better, healthier, place for all. It’s something we’re truly grateful for, so thank you!

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