When will my meals arrive?

Meal plans are shipped via UPS or FED EX for Friday delivery. You will be provided with a tracking number by email ahead of time.

UPS has until "end of day" Friday to deliver. There is a "shipper release" on all of our packages, so if you are not home at the time of delivery, the package will be left on your doorstep.

If you have any special instructions for UPS to access your place of delivery, please be sure to include them in the "special instructions" box on the order page.

*We have high quality control standards during the packaging of our meals, however, we have no control over UPS or FED EX operations.

What will I receive?

When you open your box, you will find a special insulated/ refrigerated container with your meals for the week. This packaging keeps your meals fresh not frozen!

Your meals are stored in labeled "day packs", and a detailed menu will be emailed to you prior to delivery (Thursday evening).

All shipping materials are recyclable, please do not send them back to avoid creating a larger carbon foot print.

What do I do after receiving my delivery?

Upon receiving your delivery, refrigerate your meals packs as soon as possible.

You can freeze the meals if you choose to, however, we always recommend eating them fresh.

If you do decide to freeze any of your meals, we recommend letting them thaw in your refrigerator for 36-48 hours for best results.

How do I prepare my meals?

Here are our suggestions (heating suggestions are also on each individual meal):

Microwave: The meals are packaged in microwave safe containers. After puncturing a few holes in the sealing film, meals can be warmed in 2–3 minutes on a high setting. Never the less, we always recommend  placing food in a glass or ceramic containers and covering it with a ceramic plate or unbleached paper towel instead of plastic wrap.

Stove Top: Transfer contents to a pot or pan, heat until desired temperature is reached.

Conventional Oven: Transfer meal to an oven safe dish or recipient, heat for 15 minutes at 350˚ or until desired temperature is reached.

Due to everyone's diverse palate, we prepare our meals with limited salt and seasoning. Below is a list of spices we recommend if you "season to taste":

  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Chili Flakes
  • Italian Herb Blend
  • Hot Sauce
  • Salsa
  • Ginger
  • Coriander
  • Basil
When will I be billed?

Fresh n' Lean is a reoccurring week to week service with no long term commitment beyond your first delivery.

You will be billed automatically every week until you place a hold or cancel service. Our hold/cancellation deadline is Monday 12:00pm PST.

Holds or cancellations can be made by emailing info@freshnlean.com or by calling (888) 420-4080

I travel a lot, what if I need to hold my order or change delivery address to a hotel?

We are more than happy to accommodate your delivery to meet your needs.  However, we do need to be notified by Monday ( 12:00pm PST) on the week you would like to either suspend or receive your box at a different location.  When you do suspend for a period, just let us know when you would like us to resume your deliveries.  Also—because the containers are vacuum sealed, many dishes are great to travel with! Soups are sometimes not allowed through airport security, but the solid dishes are and soups do freeze well should you want to reheat them later.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

All of our ingredients are completely natural, organic, and of the highest quality available.

Do I need to take any supplements?

If you will be maintaining a completely plant-based diet, we do recommend a vitamin B12 supplement.  If you are not getting regular sunlight and your lab work reveals a low vitamin D level, you may consider supplementing with vitamin D as well.

Do you use any processed foods/artificial ingredients, etc?

No. We believe that processed foods are playing a significant role in many health issues facing America today. We have made it our mission to only use fresh, wholesome ingredients.

How are the meals prepared? Is anything fried?

No. Every meal is made from scratch, just like you would prepare in your own home, only in much larger portions.

What is the fat content in your food?

The only fats in our food are the healthy, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found naturally in the whole food ingredients themselves. We use very little oil in the preparation of our meals.

How many calories are in the meals?

We do not count calories. Our food is clean and organic. Everything is naturally low in fat and sodium and we do not add sugar to anything.  We believe it is not about the quantity, but the quality. The 150 calories in a piece of cake will affect your blood sugar differently than a bowl of broccoli & brown rice with the same calories count.  Moreover, it will not provide the same nutrients.

When can I start seeing some results?

It varies from individual to individual. Different factors come into play such as exercise, lifestyle, etc. However, the vast majority of people see some physical results within 10-14 days. While they usually do not see any noticeable weight loss, they do start to feel an obvious change in their digestive system, energy, and overall wellness.
After one month, there is usually some weight loss, clothes fit better, and energy levels and overall wellness continues to improve. At three months, there is usually a significant amount of weight loss as well as a vast improvement in overall wellness. At six months, most people have either reached, or are very close to reaching their target weight and can comfortably say they feel their lifestyle has been monumentally impacted…for the better!

Do I have to add anything to what I receive?

Everything is all-inclusive except the breakfast granola, for which we suggest adding fresh fruit, and / or organic, unsweetened plant-based milk (almond, soy, rice, hemp, oat, etc.).

Are snacks included in any of the programs?

Snack are now available under "meal plan options" in the order page (orders.freshnlean.com) All of our programs are designed to keep you full in between meals. Our unprocessed ingredients are nutrient-rich, and full of fiber and protein. These nutrients will help you feel fuller, longer... however, we don't see any thing wrong with a healthy snack here and there!

Can I choose what I want to eat for the week?

Our menu is delivered through a random selection. However, we are constantly rotating, changing, and adding dishes to our repertoire, and this method also allows us to keep our prices reasonable.

Do you offer customized meal plans?

Yes! Call us at (888) 420-4080 for modifications.   We can accommodate a variety of customizations based on your needs, and will allow you to omit up to 3 ingredients per meal plan. This may result in some duplicate meals however, and we cannot guarantee order accuracy if you request to omit more than 3 ingredients.  These omissions cannot include onion powder, garlic powder, and carrots as these ingredients appear in most dishes.

How long will my food keep?

As long as it is refrigerated, the food should keep for at least the days you are provided for.

What if I am still hungry?

This is rarely an issue. The first week, you may have to adjust and will undergo a type of natural “cleanse” as your digestive system acclimates to the healthy meal delivery program.  Beyond that, you will feel more energized and notice you are completely full after every meal. Many find they cannot even finish the portions we give them. For those who are extreme athletes, we are happy to create a customized plan for an additional fee.

Can I order only for the days I want? What if I only want lunch?

Fresh n' Lean is happy to announce that we are now offering lunch only plans as well as lunch/ dinner combos and 5–7 day meal plans.

Do you have a children’s menu?

We do not have a separate menu for kids, but we have had a very positive response from most families. Remember, you are in charge of what your children eat!

How do I cancel delivery?

You have no obligation to continue service past any given delivery, however, we do have cancellation as all of our meals are made to order.

You must specifically request meal plan cancellation or we will keep delivering you meals. Call us for cancellations or modifications by Monday 12:00pm (PST) to cancel the next scheduled delivery. 


As we start preparing all of your meals early in the week, we need this lead time to avoid preparing your meals only to find out later that you may not be there to receive your delivery, or want something else.