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Diet Meal Delivery by Fresh n' Lean

All-too often, dieting can feel like a chore. It’s another stressor to add to your long list of to-dos. Planning recipes, counting calories, shopping for groceries, preparing fresh meals, cleaning up… It’s no wonder that more than 90% of diets are doomed to fail. That changes today. If you want to enjoy calorie-controlled, nutritious meals and see sustainable weight loss results (without having to spend hours in the kitchen), our Fresh n' Lean diet meal delivery service was designed for you.

All dishes in our weight loss food delivery programs are Dietician-approved and low in total calories, sugar and cholesterol (but still brimming with bright flavors). Made exclusively from fresh ingredients, your meals are pre-packed into insulated containers and delivered to your door each week. Give them a blast in the microwave and they’re ready in minutes. Sculpting that healthy, beach-body has never been easier!

Scarred by over-cooked vegetables and turned off by dodgy diet trends of the past, many people are under the impression that all healthy food is boring and tasteless. At Fresh n' Lean, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything included in our weight loss meal delivery service is low in salt, fat and carbs, and completely free from artificial colors, flavors and processed sugars. But don't sweat it… All of our meals still overflow with rich, natural flavors.

Our professional chefs know how to cook up a storm, transforming 100% organic, locally-sourced ingredients into culinary masterpieces - inspired by cuisines from across the world and full to the brim with nutrients. No more food cravings or late night snacking. Instead, you’re left satiated, energized and ready to tackle anything!

Weight Loss Meal Delivery Plans

You don't have to turn to processed ingredients and artificial flavorings to enjoy delicious, convenient meals. Every meal included in our weight loss meal delivery service is:

  • Low in Fat, Processed Carbs + Total Calories
  • Dietician-Approved, Protein-Packed + Nutritionally-Balanced
  • Made from 100% Organic Ingredients, Rich in Vitamins, Minerals + Fiber
  • Naturally Free From Artificial Colors + Flavors, Gluten and Added Sugar + Salt

Fresh n' Lean Meals

  • Freshly Prepared

    All of our protein-packed dishes are Dietician-approved and carefully crafted by professional chefs. They use locally-sourced, seasonal fresh produce to create mouth-watering meals.

  • Nutritious + Delicious

    Low fat, low calorie, low sodium, low cholesterol ingredients – the scrumptious, natural flavors of our fresh produce do the talking. Great for your tastebuds, and your waistline.

  • Organic + Natural

    Wholesome, 100% organic ingredients: with no GMOs, gluten, artificial flavors or preservatives, MSG or dairy in sight. Everything is fresh, delicious and loaded with nutrients.

  • Healthy + Affordable

    Each healthy, satiating diet-friendly meal costs less than $10 (shipping included) when you opt for our Standard Plan, which includes three nourishing meals a day.

  • Fresh + Convenient

    You receive fresh (never frozen) pre-packaged meals delivered to your door each week. Simply refrigerate the meal box and heat-and-eat when you’re ready!

  • Internationally Inspired

    Our changing weekly menus include food from a diverse range of cuisines, including Mediterranean, Continental, Asian, South American and more!

Select A Plan

  • 1 Meal Per Day



    Kick-off your weight-loss journey with a quick, flavor-punch lunch option - ready for you to grab-and-go whenever you need.

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  • 2 Meals Per Day

    (Lunch & Dinner)


    A great choice if you want to supercharge your weight-loss journey. Enjoy your mouth-watering, nutritious lunch and dinner in work, at home, or on the go!

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  • Best Value

    3 Meals Per Day

    (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)



    The perfect solution for supporting your well-being, putting your weight-loss on autopilot and enjoying lasting, sustainable results.

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How It Works

  • Choose Your Diet Plan

    Order online from our weekly set menu of premade diet meals. You can also completely customize your own plan, choosing from the A La Carte section.

  • Receive Your Diet Meals

    Your scrumptious, portion-controlled meals are prepared by us and delivered fresh to your home or office. Simply store the insulated box in your fridge until you're ready to dig in.

  • Heat Up + Tuck in!

    On-the go or at home - whenever you’re ready, reheat your delicious dish of choice in the microwave and enjoy feeling fully-satiated and nourished.

Next-Level Healthy Diet Meal Delivery

Clean meals designed by professional Chefs and approved by Dieticians. Delivered free to your doorstep.

About Fresh n' Lean

The sad truth is that more than 90% of people fall off the wagon when they try to go it alone on conventional diets. Subsisting on bland, tasteless meals or restricting calories near to starvation simply isn't sustainable. Again and again, people end up right back where they started, just with an unhealthy relationship with food...

Thankfully, with Fresh n' Lean you can enjoy nutritionally balanced recipes that taste awesome, take no time to prepare, and help you stay on track long-term. Using 100% locally-grown produce, our professional chefs craft culinary delights (all calorie-controlled and approved by Dieticians). These are delivered fresh to your door each week, so you don't have to worry about meal prep or meal planning. You can just heat-and-eat whenever you’re ready, and have more time to focus on your goals. By putting your nutrition on autopilot, healthy eating becomes a permanent habit, and those results naturally keep on coming!

Our Values: Always Fresh, Never Processed.

Fast food doesn't have to be packed with unhealthy ingredients in order for it to taste amazing. Instead of using unnecessary processed sugars, fats and salts in our recipes, we let fresh herbs and natural spices do the talking. Subtlety is the name of the game. Lightly toasted instead of deep fried, delicately drizzled instead of doused. Don’t fret - just because it’s not your standard takeout doesn't mean it’s not packed with flavor. Everything included in our prepared diet food delivery plans is:

• Completely free from gluten, dairy, artificial flavors, MSG, preservatives and processed ingredients
• Calorie-controlled, low in fat, and full of lean-protein from 100% organic whole foods
• Packed with natural flavor - inspired by Mediterranean, Continental, South American, and Asian cuisines

At Fresh n' Lean, we’re grateful to have worked with people all across the world looking to outsource their healthy eating. Just some of our inspiring customers enjoying our diet meal plan delivery service include:

  • Individuals looking to avoid yo-yo dieting, and instead lose weight healthily and maintain their body composition long-term
  • Health-conscious people trying to control their blood sugar, lose belly fat and improve their healthspan
  • Exercise fanatics attempting to lean out, improve fitness and increase their metabolism
  • Anyone looking to eliminate junk food, enjoy healthy meals, and truly begin to thrive

Real Results from Real Dieters

Before Fresh n’ Lean, I would spend a lot of time in the kitchen and at the store. Ordering FNL helps save me a tremendous amount of meal prep time. What I like most about the meals are the portions and the high quality of the food. You should consider FNL because it is a very clean and healthy meal as well as convenient. You will save hours in the kitchen and at the store while maintaining a healthy diet.

Matt Van Buren, Mixed Martial Artist

High-Flavor, Low-Calorie Meal Delivery

Delicious weight loss meal delivery service. Prepared meals full of whole foods and bright, natural flavor.