A Letter from Thomas Asseo (Co-CEO) 

COVID-19: Transparency, Safety and Gratitude

We understand the severity of the pandemic and its effects on us all. Not a single person in the world is unaffected. If there’s any positive, it’s that this is not a conflict of borders or nations and that we’re all in the same boat. I am inspired daily, by the better side of humanity that I see, in our staff, in our customers – in everyone.  

People are pulling together, showing their support for medical staff throughout the world, and there is a sense of unity – and that’s a good thing. When we band together for a common purpose, we show that human ingenuity that’s so often seen in crises. We take the position as a company, to continue showing transparency at a time like this. We don’t want to tell you what we’re doing; we’d like to show you. 

Our Food Safety standards remain as high as they always have. That being said, we are taking significant extra precautions to be as vigilant as possible, such as scanning all staff and items at the door, as well as disinfecting all door knobs and other surfaces multiple times per day. Our strict practices are ensuring, as a direct-to-consumer food source, that you can feel confident getting quality meals delivered. We’re strengthening our internal family of 350+ people, which is paramount to ensuring security and optimism during this time. 

Delivering readymade, healthy food, to you in the safety of your home, is one of the most vital services today. We’ve always felt impassioned to make nutritious eating more efficient, but now –– it’s become essential. We’re discounting prices, working with school groups and supporting vulnerable people in our communities that rely on meal programs that have been cut. 

We believe now more than ever that quality fuel should be the norm, not the exception, and easily accessible to everyone.  

From our family to yours, we’re incredibly grateful to our customers helping us continue providing solutions that support people’s social distancing and safe practices.  

I look forward to seeing the brighter future we have on the other side of this tunnel.  

With hope & gratitude, 



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