A Humbling Recognition To be Named to the Forbes 30 under 30

Fresh N' Lean is leading a revolution in healthy eating. With the company's founder receiving acclaim from Forbes magazine, it's clear the movement is gaining traction.
Forbes 30 under 30


Fresh N Lean began in 2010, founded by a then-18-year-old Laureen Asseo. More than a decade later, Asseo has been named to Forbes’ annual “30 under 30” list.

I didn’t begin Fresh N Lean in 2010 with the goal of getting personal attention — my sole focus was helping people live healthier, more convenient lives.

I was an 18-year-old college student with a dream. A decade later, it’s so humbling to be named to Forbes’ ninth annual “30 Under 30” list in the Food & Drink category — an honor that reinforces Fresh N Lean’s efforts to lead a healthy eating revolution and redefine fast food.

Laureen Asseo Forbes 30 Under 30

This wouldn’t have happened without the contributions of Fresh N Lean’s employees who’ve helped to make the company such a special place to work.

I was selected from a pool of more than 1,000 nominees and 97 finalists. The judges relied on financial data and taste-testing, and considered each company’s story when making their selections.

One of the judges, Milk Bar CEO and Founder Christina Tosi, described the selection process in a video accompanying the release of the “30 Under 30” list: “Is what they’re doing special? Is it new? Is it something that’s compelling? Is it a responsible business? Is it doing something that’s bigger than just making something delicious for you or me to grab and take home?”

Those questions get to the heart of Fresh N Lean’s mission to give everyone access to high-quality organic meals, no matter their location or socioeconomic status — to bring healthy food to everyone’s doorstep or local store.

We’ve continued that mission while experiencing steady growth without the help of outside capital. The one-bedroom apartment made way for a 55,000 square foot facility. We’ve also developed a wider variety of meals to accommodate Keto, Paleo, animal protein and plant-based diets.

It’s empowering to help people think differently about their meals and recognize that fast food doesn’t need to be full of trans fats and refined carbs. Fast food can also be healthy and tasty and serve as fuel to help you live your best life.

Fresh N Lean has shipped 7.2 million meals during the past decade. That’s 7.2 million healthy decisions and 7.2 million attempts for someone to make the most of their day.

So many people have contributed to Fresh N Lean’s success, and I look at the “30 Under 30” designation as a reaffirmation of all that we’ve accomplished.

Here’s to Fresh N Lean’s first decade of redefining fast food — and our continued efforts to lead a healthy eating revolution.

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