Racing Legend Danica Patrick Puts Body and Mind in Gear

Danica Patrick has achieved unprecedented success in motorsports. To realize her goals, she nourishes her mind as well as her body.


Danica Patrick is a racecar driver who changed expectations about what women could achieve in that sport. She believes in the value of a sound plan, a healthy diet and an informed perspective.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a rough one for many, but 2021 is full of opportunity. To help you get the year off to a flying start, we’re presenting our “I Am Potential” series — articles designed to help you succeed, thrive and prosper in 2021. 

The year 2021 is here, and it’s waiting for you to map your blueprint for the months ahead. 

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Are there aspects of your current existence that no longer serve you? The start of a new year is a natural time to implement changes that can impact your outcomes in dramatic ways.

It all starts with a strategy. And when you’re putting your strategy together, seek inspiration from the experiences of those who have achieved lasting success. Their stories can help you get a clear understanding of what human potential is all about. 

With that in mind, we’ve reached out to a few top athletes to hear about their plans for starting fresh in 2021. These stars are — or have been, at one point — top contenders in their respective sports. They’re also Fresh N Lean partners who’ve had great success integrating our meal plans into their daily regimen. 

Meet retired racecar driver Danica Patrick

Born in Wisconsin, Danica Patrick got her first taste of racecar driving at the age of 10, when her parents bought her a go-kart. After claiming the top spot in regional and national competitions, she left the Midwest at 16 to make a name for herself in European road racing. 

Her success since then has been the stuff of legend. In 2005, she finished fourth in her first Indianapolis 500, becoming the first woman to score a top-five finish in that historic event. Then, in 2008, she won the IndyCar Series Indy Japan 300 race. That victory made her the first woman to take the top spot in a major-league open-wheel race in a North American series.  

Danica eventually transitioned into the NASCAR Cup Series. There, she went on to break the record for the most top-10 finishes of any female in the event’s history. 

This icon of her sport closed out her time in racing in 2018. With a string of successes behind her, she holds the distinction of being the most successful female in the history of American open-wheel racing. 

These days, Danica is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, with her own vineyard and clothing line. She’s also authored a successful book and hosts a popular podcast. 

Here’s what Danica Patrick had to say about her successes, inspirations and plans for the future:

1. Finally, 2021 has arrived. What steps did you take to close out 2020 physically and mentally strong?

There was a lot more eating and drinking at the end of the year due to the holidays. I tried to be a bit more regimented, and I tried to maintain a certain balance. I paid more attention to my diet. 

2. Can you share one resource (for example, a book, article, Instagram post or quote) that’s helped you become a better version of yourself?

I liked “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One” by Joe Dispenza. I also liked “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer. I love reading and researching. I love consuming information through podcasts and YouTube, and expanding my mind through other people. I’m learning more and more about the importance of taking accountability for myself and my reality.  

3. Please tell us about the routine you follow each day.

Any time you want to have something come out well, it’s important that you map out a plan. So, if I want to make sure that I get a lot of things done in a day, I just plan it. I think there’s a power in writing things down.

4. If you could choose only one word for 2021, what would it be?

My word for 2021 is patience. Getting into my body and experiencing what I’m truly feeling in a situation requires patience.  We also need patience for life, patience for all the things going on, patience for people. Patience is one of those things that is always very respectful. It helps me get into my body and feel situations instead of being reactive. 

5. How do you reset when you feel like you need to get back on top of your game?

Nature is the most grounding, healing reset for me. That means taking a walk, being out in the woods, going to the ocean or lake or whatever you have around you. Getting out into nature always gives you a fresh perspective. Listening to the animals, listening to the birds, hearing the wind blow through the trees. I think nature is a natural reset. And if you don’t have that, I think a good workout is a great reset.

6. What role does food play in your life and overall success strategy?

One thing that’s always been important to me is food. Nourishing myself with things that make me feel a lot of energy is essential to me. For me, there was a big difference when I stopped eating gluten and dairy; that change boosted my energy. That’s why I eat foods from Fresh N Lean’s Paleo meal plan; those meals follow that dietary guideline. 

7. What other steps do you take to help make sure you’re always at your best?

Getting some physical activity is always good. Working out is helpful. And then just surrounding yourself with people that are positive, optimistic and have a good outlook on life. 

8. How do you define potential?

Potential is something that someone could achieve if they put all the right resources behind it. Potential is limitless. It all comes down to how much energy, thought and embodiment we put into something – that’s what helps us create it. 

Next steps

Danica Patrick knows that success requires a multi-pronged approach that includes everything from your diet to your mindset. Use her insight as you chart your own course to greatness. 

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