Best Foods to Eat Before a Photoshoot

You’ve worked hard for months to tone and sculpt your body, exercising and eating right to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Now the time has finally come to show off the results of your efforts. You’ve landed a photoshoot and will be showcasing your ripped muscles and lean physique.

But the work is not over yet.

The week before your photoshoot is the most crucial time and there are certain things you’ll have to do in order to correctly prepare your body. If you want maximized muscle definition while looking lean and toned, follow these steps so you’ll be looking your best come the big day.

Drink tea made with fresh ginger, lemon, lime, mint, or dandelion root. These act as natural diuretics and will flush out toxins from your system, reduce water retention, and improve your digestion so you can avoid being bloated—the last thing you want. These foods are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will improve your skin health, ensure you don’t come down with a cold the day before your shoot, and make you feel better in general. As an added bonus, regularly eating lemon, ginger and dandelion root may reduce your risk of cancer and have natural anti-inflammatory effects for improved digestive and joint health.

The week before your shoot, be sure to avoid salty, greasy and fried foods, which can cause breakouts and give you oily skin. Avoiding sodium will also help reduce water retention, which can make you feel bloated and result in blurry muscle definition. You want those toned muscles to stand out, not merge together.

Six days before your photoshoot, cut your carb intake down to 60-100 grams a day (this varies slightly depending on your body type, weight and metabolism; know your body and do what’s right for you) and drink plenty of water; double your usual water intake. This will help detox your system and leave your skin and eyes looking young, healthy and bright.

Avoid drinking coffee and tea or eating grapes, raisins or other dark-colored foods that may stain your teeth.

Three days before your photoshoot, increase your carb intake to around 300 grams a day. Eat low-fiber foods such as oats, potatoes, yams, and bananas. These are the best foods to eat before a photoshoot. Although you have likely been following a healthy diet involving plenty of protein and high-fiber fruits and veggies over the months you worked hard to sculpt your body, now is not the time to enjoy those foods. Vegetables like broccoli and spinach, while being good for you, can make you bloated. Opt instead for the highest carb foods you can think of (that are low in sodium and grease of course).

Because you starved your system of carbs the past few days, when you carb load like this now, your muscles will soak up all the glycogen hungrily. Since carbs absorb water, this will result in the muscles also absorbing all excess water, which will give you definition. At this time, you’ll also want to slow down on the water. Go back to drinking a normal intake of 10-14 glasses a day.

The day before your photoshoot, continue carb loading and drink a normal amount of water. Then, the actual day of the photoshoot, don’t drink any water to give your muscles even more definition. Time it safely and properly so you only end up going without water about 12 hours before your photoshoot. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated and keep water nearby to sip if you get thirsty.

After your photoshoot, you can return to normal and once again enjoy all the healthy foods you like as well as drink water normally.

And that’s it! These are the best foods to eat before a photoshoot and the best way/time to eat them. Organization, planning and self-discipline are nothing new to you if you’ve already made it this far. In order to look your best in your professional photos, follow these steps to ensure your body looks sexier than ever.


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