Year In Review: How Your Body Will Change Once You Start Eating Healthy

How Your Body Will Change Once You Start Eating Healthy

Curious what happens in your body when you begin eating healthy?  Here are some of the changes you have to look forward to.

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Year in Review - How Your Body Will Change Once You Start Eating Healthy - Infographic - Fresh N Lean


Year In Review: How Your Body Will Change Once You Start Eating Healthy [Infographic] – available for free download via PDF

One Day After Starting

  1. You’ll experience fewer food cravings throughout the day, finally feeling in control over your food choices. This allows you to opt for healthy food – rather than the less healthy you may have choose before, setting yourself up for long-term weight management and health success.
  2. You’ll notice that hunger is stabilized. Earlier you may have found you felt ravenous come 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., however now, you’re never bothered by hunger pains.  This makes losing weight feel that much easier.
  3. You’ll experience a higher level of mental focus and clarity. Any symptoms of brain fog or low concentration should begin to clear as you start noticing you can think more clearly.
  4. You’ll feel amazed that you can eat so much food without gaining weight. You might even feel overly full for the first couple of days of eating healthy.  Stick with it however as that feeling will pass and you’ll be feeling better than you ever have before.
  • You’ll experience fewer cravings
  • You’ll see reduced levels of hunger
  • You’ll have greater mental focus and clarity
  • You’ll feel satisfied with the high volume of food you get to eat

One Week After Starting

  1. Your energy level is higher than you may have ever experienced before, making completing daily activities – and even exercise (!) easier. In fact, you may find you begin looking forward to your exercise sessions because you now finally have the energy to perform them.
  2. You may start to notice your pants are feeling looser than before. Your body will be shedding all the excess water you were retaining thanks to a high sodium intake, along with too many processed foods earlier. This also comes with looking leaner in the mirror. Your scale weight will be down anywhere between 2-5 pounds.
  3. You’re starting to notice that your food cravings are lessening. While earlier you may have craved pizza, burgers, and ice cream, now, you are looking forward to the healthy meals you have planned.
  4. You’ll notice you begin sleeping more soundly. You fall asleep easier and tend to wake up less throughout the night.
  5. Your body will become regular. This can come with a lower amount of bloating and discomfort along with looking slimmer as well.
  6. You’ll notice your moods are more stable. You have less ups and downs throughout the day and may even start to feel more empowered in your daily life. If you had depressive thoughts before, these may be starting to weaken.
  • Your energy level will skyrocket
  • You’ll notice your clothes are feeling looser
  • You’ll experience fewer food cravings and enjoy healthy food
  • You’ll sleep more soundly, waking up refreshed
  • You’ll become more regular, experiencing less bloating
  • Your mood will be stabilized and positive

One Month After Starting

  1. You’ll notice you have a new glow to your skin. People may begin commenting on how radiant you look and that you appear to be looking younger.
  2. You’ll now be seeing a steady rate of weight loss (if using a lower calorie approach) to the tune of ½ to 2 pounds per week depending on what your starting point was.
  3. Some of the pre-existing health problems you may have been experiencing (migraines, joint pain, irritable bowel issues, etc.) may begin clearing up. For the first time in a long time you actually begin to feel very healthy.
  4. Your wallet is growing – many people think that healthy eating is more expensive, but when you add up all the meals you eat out along with the higher priced convenience items you may be purchasing (chocolate bars, granola bars, canned foods, etc.) you’ll actually be saving money with this new approach.
  5. You’ll actually decline unhealthy foods that are offered to you. By one month in, you’ve come to really appreciate how much better you feel not eating those foods and prefer to stick to a healthy eating plan.
  6. Eating right is starting to become more habitual. After doing something for 21 days straight, you’ll find that you naturally tend to do it without thought. Making smart choices will start to feel like second nature.
  7. If you are exercising, you’ll begin noticing improved performance. You’ll feel stronger in the gym and notice that you recover much faster coming out.  You experience that ‘post workout glow’ that everyone always talks about – but that you may have never felt before.
  8. You might find you start getting hungrier. This is thanks to your metabolism speeding up, getting used to all the healthy food you’re eating, which come at regular intervals. You can now eat more without gaining body weight.
  • Your skin will begin to glow
  • You’ll experience a steady rate of weight loss
  • Some pre-existing health concerns will begin to clear up
  • You’ll be saving money on food costs
  • You’ll naturally decline unhealthy food options
  • Eating right will require more effort as it becomes a habit
  • You’ll see performance improvements in the gym
  • You’ll notice your metabolism is increasing

Six Months After Starting

  1. You’ll be noticing a decline in your overall cholesterol levels if they were on the high side prior to starting this approach.
  2. Your blood pressure may also decrease, lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  3. You should be feeling noticeably thinner (if using a lower calorie weight loss approach) as you will have lost 10-30 pounds.
  4. Your bones will be getting stronger, reducing your risk of stress fractures and breaks. While this isn’t something that you can see, trust that it’s happening.
  5. Your blood glucose levels will be under much better control, reducing blood sugar fluctuations and lowering your risk factor for diabetes (or, if you already suffer, your symptoms will be far better managed).
  • You’ll see a decline in cholesterol levels
  • Your blood pressure will decrease
  • You’ll feel noticeable thinner
  • Your bones will be stronger
  • Your blood glucose levels will be well controlled

One Year After Starting

  1. You’ll still be enjoying all the benefits noted above as these benefits will persist for as long as you continue to eat healthy.
  2. You’ll be at your target goal weight – a body weight where you feel healthy, strong, and confident.
  3. You might find that you require less sleep at night in order to feel well. Your body is getting adequate energy from the foods you’re eating, so you simply don’t require as much rest time.
  4. You might find yourself wanting to try new exercises/sports/activities. You finally feel you’ve reached a place where you’re confident in the physical activity your body can do.
  5. You’re sure that you will not revert back to your old lifestyle by this point. You’ve seen too many positive changes to give it all up for those foods.
  6. You finally understand how some people seem to be naturally motivated. For you, eating healthy isn’t something you work at any longer, it’s just something you ‘do’.
  7. By this point you will have learned to indulge wisely – you can treat yourself if you wish, and it will not cause you to fall right off your plan entirely.
  8. You’ll be feeling happier and healthier than you ever have before.
  • You’ll continue to see all the benefits noted above
  • You’ll have reached your target goal weight
  • You’ll require less sleep at night
  • You’ll begin wanting to experiment with new activities
  • You’ll feel confident this is a new way of life – not a passing fad
  • You’ll be one of those ‘naturally motivated’ people
  • You’ll be able to indulge while staying in control
  • You’ll be feeling happier than ever



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