Vegan Prepared Meals by Fresh n’ Lean

Eating vegan is ultimately an ethical decision – choosing not to support the trade in animal products means you don’t contribute to the exploitation of living things – but from a practical perspective, it places a lot of requirements on you. Finding fresh, organic, plant-based ingredients and transforming them into delicious dishes can be very time-consuming, so finding high-quality vegan prepared meals is an increasingly popular solution. With a vegan meal delivery service, you can devote more of your time to the important things in your life and rest assured that you’re getting a nutrient-rich, vegan-friendly diet built on locally-sourced, high-quality fruits, nuts, vegetables and pulses.

Pre-Prepared Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Home

Fresh n’ Lean’s pre-prepared vegan meals service gives you five days’ worth of scrumptious, hearty and all-natural food delivered right to your door once per week. Our food is completely plant-based, doesn’t use any artificial flavorings or preservatives, and it is shipped right to your door as fresh as the day it was picked. You just have to put the containers in your refrigerator when they are delivered (either to your home or your office) and then enjoy the dish you choose when it comes to meal-time. Our ready-made vegan meals delivery service handles all of hard work for you – all you have to do is put the container in the microwave or oven to heat it up before you eat.

Vegan Prepared Meals

When you sign up for our vegan prepared meals, we know you want the natural goodness of a plant-based diet without any harmful ingredients, preservatives or chemical additives. Our meals are always:

  • 100% Organic
  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Delicious

Fresh n’ Lean Meals

  • Meal

    Plant-Based and Vegan

    We only use 100 % natural, plant-based ingredients in our meals, all lovingly prepared by professional chefs.

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    Making healthy food accessible is our number one goal. Everything we make is low fat, low calorie and low in salt, but high in nutritional value. Our meals are perfect for dieting or long-term healthy eating.

  • Meal

    100% Organic

    We let Mother Nature’s flavors shine through, building our food on fresh, authentic tastes instead of relying on chemical additives like MSG and artificial flavors.

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    We offer fresh, chef-prepared meals, delivered right to your door, but keep everything accessible and affordable. On our Standard Plan, you get three meals per day for just $27.99.

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    Delivered Fresh

    You receive a delivery of our fresh, plant-based meals every single week – right to your home or office. Just refrigerate them and heat one up at meal-time.

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    Unique and Tasty Dishes

    Our food takes cues from some of the best cuisines from around the world – including Asian, Continental, South American and Mediterranean – to ensure that everything we offer is vibrant, delicious and varied.

Select a Plan

  • Plan I
  • 1 / Day

  • Lunch or Dinner
  • A perfect plan to get you started. Re-energize your body and mind with our easy and deliciously healthy lunches!

  • $14.99
  • Order Now
  • Plan II
  • 2 / Day

  • Lunch and Dinner
  • A great option to improve overall health. Enjoy a worry free lunch and dinner at home, at work, or on the go!

  • $21.99
  • Order Now
  • Plan III
  • 3 / Day

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Healthy and delicious. The perfect & easy way to improve your overall health and energize your body.

  • $27.99
  • Order Now

How It Works

  • Order
  • Choose your Plan

  • Select the plan that works for you. Choose from our meal plans or choose from our A La Carte menu.

  • Meals
  • Receive your Meals

  • Your meals are prepared and delivered to your home. Unpack box and store your meals in your fridge.

  • Enjoy
  • Eat and Enjoy

  • Plate, reheat and enjoy your freshly prepared meals and start to feel great.

Ready to Start a Healthy Lifestyle?

Our vegan meals are prepared fresh, never frozen and made from the highest quality of ingredients.

About Fresh n' Lean

Fresh n’ Leans vegan prepared meals are affordable and convenient, opening up the multitude of benefits of healthy eating to more people than ever. Our meals are a great solution for vegans and vegetarians, but our core goal is helping more people than ever to switch to a healthier diet.

Vegan Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Home

Our vegan prepared meals are completely plant-based and organic, but they’re still high in protein, offering a balanced diet that you can maintain in the long-term. If you just do not have the time to cook, or if you struggle to keep your diet varied and prepare high-quality dishes for yourself, our vegan meal delivery service could be just the thing you need. With chefs sourcing your ingredients and cooking everything for you from fresh, it offers you restaurant-quality international cuisine, five days a week. Your recipe books might start gathering dust, but you’ll have more time to spend with the people that really matter to you while still enjoying the benefits of a natural, nutrient rich diet and unbeatably delicious food.

Ready-Made Vegan Meals That Could Convert a Meat-Eater

Our vegan meal delivery service is hard to top for vegans and vegetarians, but the benefits extend to many more people than those avoiding animal products for ethical reasons. With a menu based on natural, plant-based ingredients, the resulting low calorie, low fat and low salt food is a fantastic option for anybody hoping to lose weight – even if you’re usually a meat-eater. Our chefs take time over every single meal, bring together a diverse range of influences to produce a menu that’s consistently-exciting and keeps our customers coming back for more. When you experience fruits and vegetables the way they’re supposed to taste through our ready-made vegan meals, you won’t look back.

Our vegan prepared meals have a lot to offer, and although anybody could benefit from switching to a healthier diet, our food is especially good for:

  • Vegans and vegetarians wanting to make avoiding animal products in their diet more convenient
  • Anybody hoping to lose weight by eating healthy, delicious food that offers all of the nutrients you need
  • Hospital patients, seniors, diabetics or anybody who struggles to cook fresh food
  • Anybody who wants to live longer and be healthier

Don’t let your busy lifestyle rob your body of the nutrients and natural goodness it needs: sign up for our vegan prepared meals delivery service today!

Fresh n’ Lean is a vegan prepared meals delivery service company that focuses on making fresh, organic meals brimming with flavor. All of our food is 100% plant-based, and we only use the very best, locally-sourced ingredients.

Kind Words About Our Program

The granola was amazing. I have been looking for one that is not overly sweetened and the hint of guava is just perfect! You can tell it is just completely healthy and fills me up straight through to lunch.

Michelle Winters


Put the Fun Back in the Healthy Eating

Our meals are organic, plant-based and made from the highest quality ingredients.