Vegan Meal Delivery Service by Fresh n’ Lean

If you want to eat great food without contributing to the trade in animals, your moral decision is made a lot more difficult by the requirements it places on you. Not only do you have to make sure the ingredients you use don’t include animal products, you also have to cook from fresh a lot more than meat-eaters or even vegetarians, meaning that maintaining your vegan diet can easily end up seeming like a lot of work. Our vegan meal delivery service may be the solution you have been waiting for, enabling you to eat 100 % plant-based, healthy and organic food but with an unbeatable level of convenience. Getting vegan meals delivered to your door means you can focus on enjoying your food and getting the most out of life without contributing to the suffering of innocent animals.

Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Door

Our healthy meal delivery service gives you a varied selection of delicious dishes delivered right to your door, once a week. Everything is carefully-crafted by our expert chefs, based on the highest-quality, locally-sourced natural plant-based ingredients, giving you vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals without all the hard work. Getting our healthy meals delivered to your door removes almost all of the work associated with maintaining an ethical, sustainable vegan diet: the only thing you have to do is put the containers in your refrigerator and then heat one up at meal-time. If there is an easier way to eat vegan meals, we’re not aware of it!

Vegan Meal Delivery Service

The food offered by our vegan meal delivery service is delicious to the very last bite, but everything is ethically-sourced and never contains any ingredients you want to avoid. As well as being meat-free, our meals are always:

  • 100% Organic
  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Delicious

Fresh n’ Lean Meals

  • Meal

    Plant-Based and Vegan

    We only use 100 % natural, plant-based ingredients in our meals, all lovingly prepared by professional chefs.

  • Meal


    Making healthy food accessible is our number one goal. Everything we make is low fat, low calorie and low in salt, but high in nutritional value. Our meals are perfect for dieting or long-term healthy eating.

  • Meal

    100% Organic

    We let Mother Nature’s flavors shine through, building our food on fresh, authentic tastes instead of relying on chemical additives like MSG and artificial flavors.

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    We offer fresh, chef-prepared meals, delivered right to your door, but keep everything accessible and affordable. On our Standard Plan, you get three meals per day for just $27.99.

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    Delivered Fresh

    You receive a delivery of our fresh, plant-based meals every single week – right to your home or office. Just refrigerate them and heat one up at meal-time.

  • Meal

    Unique and Tasty Dishes

    Our food takes cues from some of the best cuisines from around the world – including Asian, Continental, South American and Mediterranean – to ensure that everything we offer is vibrant, delicious and varied.

Select a Plan

  • Plan I
  • 1 / Day

  • Lunch or Dinner
  • A perfect plan to get you started. Re-energize your body and mind with our easy and deliciously healthy lunches!

  • $14.99
  • Order Now
  • Plan II
  • 2 / Day

  • Lunch and Dinner
  • A great option to improve overall health. Enjoy a worry free lunch and dinner at home, at work, or on the go!

  • $21.99
  • Order Now
  • Plan III
  • 3 / Day

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Healthy and delicious. The perfect & easy way to improve your overall health and energize your body.

  • $27.99
  • Order Now

How It Works

  • Order
  • Choose your Plan

  • Select the plan that works for you. Choose from our meal plans or choose from our A La Carte menu.

  • Meals
  • Receive your Meals

  • Your meals are prepared and delivered to your home. Unpack box and store your meals in your fridge.

  • Enjoy
  • Eat and Enjoy

  • Plate, reheat and enjoy your freshly prepared meals and start to feel great.

Ready to Start a Healthy Lifestyle?

Our vegan meals are prepared fresh, never frozen and made from the highest quality of ingredients.

About Fresh n' Lean

Fresh n’ Lean offer our vegan meal delivery service because we believe everybody should have the opportunity to eat freshly-prepared, plant-based and nutrient rich meals. The busy modern world makes us all feel pressed for time, but we shouldn’t let that take its toll on our diet.

Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door

There are a multitude of benefits to switching to a vegan, plant-based diet, from ethical considerations right through to weight loss, nutritional value and feeling healthier. Our menu has been devised by chefs, taking some of the best dishes from around the world, basing everything on natural, locally-sourced ingredients and taking care to ensure the meals are high in nutritional value and offer everything you need for a healthy, balanced diet. All of the meals in our vegan meal delivery service are high in protein, and ensure you get a balanced diet without imposing restrictions on essential food groups like carbohydrates – don’t worry, though, our meals are all gluten-free.

Signing up for our healthy meal delivery service means you get three organic meals per day, five days per week, delivered directly to your door.

Vegan Meal Delivery: Staying Healthy the Easy Way

Our vegan meal delivery service makes it easier than ever to maintain a healthy diet based on organic ingredients: you can focus on enjoying our scrumptious food – let us worry about finding high-quality ingredients and preparing your dishes from fresh. If you’ve been making excuses or delaying switching to a healthier diet, Fresh n’ Lean gives you what you need to make a positive change without eating into your time.

We’re dedicated to offering a vegan meal delivery service you can depend on to give you healthy, organic and fresh food without the hassle. Our meals are perfect for:

  • Vegans and vegetarians – our meals are all vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and offer the ideal balance of nutrients and food groups
  • Anybody hoping to lose weight – our food is filling but low in calories and low in fat, so it makes losing weight a breeze
  • Pre-op and post-op hospital patients – with our vegan meal delivery service, there is no need to put up with bland hospital food
  • Anybody hoping to eat healthier, feel better and live longer

Now is the time to take a step in the right direction: sign up for our vegan meal delivery service today and start enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet.

Fresh n’ Lean is a vegan meal delivery service company that prides itself on offering fresh, organic meals that taste amazing. Our meals are all made from fresh, using only the highest-quality ingredients.

Kind Words About Our Program

The granola was amazing. I have been looking for one that is not overly sweetened and the hint of guava is just perfect! You can tell it is just completely healthy and fills me up straight through to lunch.

Michelle Winters


Put the Fun Back in the Healthy Eating

Our vegan meals are organic, gluten-free and made from the highest quality ingredients.