VEGAN OR NOT | Five Documentaries You Need To See

There are many thought-provoking movies out there, but to give you a starting point, I have listed 5 documentaries that everyone should watch, vegan or not. This list of documentaries are NOT about veganism. I wanted to make that clear because vegans come to the table with a message that 99% of the people out there do not want to hear.

The message is not “put down that hamburger, drop that ice cream, and put that slice of pizza down.” The message is “These products cause horrible suffering, these products cause environmental destruction, and these products destroy your health.”

The problem is that 99% of the population LOVE those types of food products, and they do not want to give them up. These foods are beloved by these people. Vegans are seen as a force that wants to strip away these cherished comforts.

I do believe that at some level most people realize that the message vegans bring holds merit. What most people realize, however, is that by conceding the point, they will have to change their behavior if they wish to remain intellectually honest. As most do not wish to change their behavior, they characterize the vegan message as a threat-a threat to their status quo. Instead of exploring the issue, they block it from their minds. Some will even mock it, and ridicule those who bring the message.

What is the solution? I’m not sure. Education, and leading by example are great things for sure, but in my experience, it’s a common case that many who chose the vegan lifestyle have been educated by inspiring documentaries that reveal the truths behind our food system. Some of these films have changed the minds of society so intensely that they have made the choice to switch over to a plant-based only diet. By shedding the light on many controversial subjects, documentaries such as Food, Inc and Forks Over Knives have become the most popular form of education for those of us interested in knowing the truth about our food system.

So here is a short list of just five of the many inspiring documentaries that could change your life. If you haven’t already you should check them out!


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret





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