Vegan Diet | Plant-Fueled Vegan Athletes

Top athletes across the world are achieving incredible performance results on an all vegan diet. Venus Williams overcame an autoimmune disorder and won Wimbledon on a vegan fresh diet. Lizzie Armistead, a vegetarian since childhood, won the silver in Olympic cycling for the UK in this year’s London games.

Vegan diet athlete tennis champion Martina Navratilova has won 18 Grand Slams and 9 Wilmbledon titles. Other famous athletes who have shredded world records (and themselves have shredded abs!) include plant-source only Olympic gold medalist swimmer Murray Rose, Olympic hurdler and gold medalist Edwin Moses, vegan runner and gold medalist world record-breaker sprinter Carl Lewis, and long-distance runner and vegetarian Emil Voigt. (Source)

Brendan Brazier is a Canadian endurance athlete, author, and advocate of a plant-based vegan diet for performance and health. Robert Cheeke and other plant-fueled bodybuilders lift, bench, and press and achieve astounding results. Plant-based eater NFL player Arian Foster and MMA fighters Mac Danzig achieve incredibly fit and toned bodies and high performance results in sports without eating any animal products whatsoever. (Source)

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