Vegan Diet The Secret to Living Longer

Vegan diet - Secret to living longer - Fresh N Lean

We try to tell everyone we can to switch to a vegan diet because we truly believe it (not just because we deliver some delicious meals to homes and offices). The amount of evidence about the health benefits to eating a vegan diet is miles high. An Adventist Health study of more than 96,000 participants (and counting) show that vegetarian men live to an average of 83.3 years, compared to meat-eating men who live an average of 73.8 years. Vegetarian women live an average of 85.7 years, while non-vegetarian women live only to age 79.6. That is right, you can live 6-10 years longer on a plant-based diet like what we deliver!

Health Is Wealth - vegan diet - fresh n leanAccording to the Physicians Committee For responsible Medicine (PCRM), this study shows that plant-based diets may be more healthful and lead to a lower body weight (on average 30 pounds lighter than meat-eaters) and lower risk of type II diabetes compared to meat eating diets.


So lets recap you live longer, are healthier, and weigh less by not eating a meat diet (or one full of meat like Atkins). I don’t see any reason not to start today if you haven’t already. I hope to live as long as I can and I hope my friends and family do too and that is why all of us here at Fresh N Lean a organic healthy doorstep delivery service do what we do.



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