Vegan Diet | Quick And Easy Vegan Snacks

Quick and Easy vegan snacks -
  1. Bean burritos: Can of beans, salsa, wraps, microwave
  2. lots of fruit, raw veggies (can buy them pre-cut), nuts/trail mix
  3. Lentil soup: Canned lentils, chili powder, curry powder, microwave
  4. Baked potato: Big potato, put in microwave, add beans, salsa or other sauce you like on top
  5. Cereal: Vegan cereal you like
  6. Toast and jam
  7. Bagel pizzas (take bagel, spread a bit of sauce on top and microwave.)
  8. Applesauce pouches.
  9. Hummus and pita (No prep required at all!)
  10. Vegan baked beans.


Improving nutrition:

Buy bags of pre-cut mixed greens to put on your sandwiches, baked potato and burritos (easy) or (cheaper, but takes 10 minutes a week) buy the stuff, cut it yourself, put it in a freezer bag and stick in into your fridge.

If you have a freezer, buy frozen veggies. Put them in the microwave and add a sauce to them. Have this as a side dish for more nutritious meals and more variety. Can also have frozen berries for the cereal.

If not, buy them canned. Have sauces and spices ready to eat them with your veggies.

Take a B12 supplement in all cases, you need this as a vegan.


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