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Vegan Food at fast food chains - - imageAre you on a vegan diet or thinking about transitioning to one? Some well-meaning vegans have chosen to ignore the fast-food and chain restaurant market because of its emphasis on animal flesh, but the bottom line is this: In order to convince meat-eaters to stop eating animals, vegan options must be convenient and available in the places where meat-eaters munch. Check out the list we compiled of various options you can chose from at some of the most popular fast food chain restaurants.





Taco Bell:

Uses vegan refried beans as well as black beans. Veggie burritos, chips and beans, tostadas and you can always ask for no meat just veggies.


Enjoy a burrito bowl with black beans tofu and mixed veggies. Chipotle is a great option because they have pledged to go GMO free.


Of course you can order the vegan delight sandwich, but stay away from the veggie patty. The veggie patty currently contains egg and dairy. I usually order a veggie salad and only use oil and vinegar as salad dressing.

Starbucks: (not a fast food joint but a very popular drive through)

Just recently you can now buy snacks that are 100% vegan. So yummy!

Jamba Juice:

Enjoy a delicious protein shake. They have many options to choose from, make sure to mention your vegan and they will be able to substitute with a vegan friendly item.


If you know of any vegan friendly dishes I forgot to list here please comment on our FB page by visiting and we’ll be sure to add it to this list. Life can get very busy, and as a fellow vegan that is always on-the-go I like knowing that I still have quick options that are available and apart of a healthy vegan diet. If you try to avoid fast food at all cost, but need a quick solution Fresh n Lean would be the perfect option for you. Call Fresh n Lean to get more information on the convenient healthy meal delivery service we provide (888) 420-4080 or visit our website at


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