Vegan Diet Benefits | Modest Animal Consumption Leads to Disease

vegan diet benefits -  Fresh n lean -  imageA healthy vegan diet will not only have immediate health benefits, it is scientifically proven that those on a whole-food plant-base vegan diet are less likely to have diabetes, and it lowers the risk of heart disease. Studies have found that as animal product intake increases, so does the risk of diabetes, and heart disease.

Even modest animal consumption can increase the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers were able to ascertain information and results between animal fats (i.e. saturated fats and cholesterol) and cardiovascular diseases, giving backing to the possibility that other compounds are in most meats such as carnitine and its transformation products, which increase the risk of diseases in meat eaters . A study among 4,384 women and men who avoided all meat products were approximately 33 and 50 percent less likely to have diabetes, respectively. This may help to explain the well-proven benefits diets that exclude meat offer to people.



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