Two of the Most Common Myths About Vegan Diet

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While the number of vegans across America continues to steadily grow as more and more research substantiates the major health benefits associated with plant-based eating, countless myths still encircle this non-mainstream diet. From the assumption that eating vegan is inconvenient, boring, or expensive to the belief that those who eat a vegan diet are constantly fatigued or lacking protein, the truth is that people simply don’t have all the facts, or at least don’t have them straight. Allow us to shed a little light on two of the most common myths about veganism.

Vegans have difficulty getting enough protein

This first and most common assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Though mainstream America seems to dwell in the rut of a belief that meat and other animal products are the only substantial sources of protein, the reality is that plant-based whole foods offer all the protein we need to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Beyond that, however, the plant-based sources of protein come in more variety than what most meat-eaters will find in their usual diets — from nuts and seeds to whole grains, legumes, and many types of vegetables . . . and within each of these categories exists endless variety, all excellent sources of protein. Furthermore, plant-based sources of protein are full of fiber, vital minerals and vitamins, and are cholesterol free, meaning the same food you must eat to provide you with your daily value of protein can also help fulfill your recommended daily values of other nutrients. Meat and most animal-products can’t do that for you.

It is inconvenient and expensive to be vegan

Those who belief it is more expensive to eat a vegan diet need only to try going vegan for a week and see what happens—and just how much money they can save. Meat, poultry, dairy and eggs are arguably the most expensive foods found in most marketplaces around the world. Whereas if you purchase foods such as beans, rice, quinoa, or peas in bulk, you can end up saving a pretty penny in the long run. Not only that, but there is the added convenience that foods such as those have a very long shelf life and need not be stored in your fridge where they would take up valuable space. And have you ever noticed the difference between the prices for vegan or vegetarian meals on a menu versus the meals that include meat? It is needless to say that the difference is considerable. Just check it out and see for yourself the next time you eat out!

Eating a vegan diet is becoming more convenient as the years go by and more mainstream food chains and markets increase the variety of wholesome, plant-based foods they sell. You can find vegan substitutes for most mainstream animal-product varieties of foods that are both better for you and better for the planet. And with a little planning and creativity in the kitchen, preparing vegan meals for you and your family can be both a delicious and nutritious endeavor—not something to be looked at as inconvenient. Remember, it is your body’s long-term health and well being at stake here. In the end, is there any price too high to pay for maintaining the only body you will ever get?

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