Top Foods to Avoid if You’re Diabetic

About 30 million Americans have diabetes. What are some foods to avoid if you’re diabetic?

If you’re diabetic, you understand the risks involved with eating foods that are high in fat, sugar, or refined carbs. Though these foods are not healthy for anyone, they are even more dangerous for diabetics. That’s because diabetics are more likely to become obese, suffer strokes, develop heart disease, have higher blood pressure and cholesterol, and uncontrollable blood sugar.

Nobody wants to deal with these problems, so keep your diabetes under control! Here are the top foods to avoid if you’re diabetic.

1. Coffee Drinks

Now, a cup of black coffee is great and calorie-free. But did you know your morning cup of joe contains half the calories of a regular sized meal? Once you add refined white sugar and cream to your drink, it becomes a diet disaster. Frappuccino’s, lattes, and other specialty drinks are even worse. A cup of tea or black coffee in the morning is a great alternative.

2. Fried Fish and Chicken

Fish and chicken are great, lean meats, right? Not when they’re battered and deep-fried in vegetable oil! They may taste like summer, but they’re high-calorie criminals for people with diabetes. A fried chicken or fish meal that includes fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, or hush puppies can contain more than a thousand calories! Stick with oven-roasted fish or chicken seasoned with lemon and rosemary. Even better, opt for a vegetarian alternative like roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.

3. Chinese Take-Out

White rice. Orange chicken. Pork dumplings. Lo mein. Grease. All common in Chinese take-out and not diabetic-friendly. Loaded with salty sauces and refined carbs, better leave these foods alone. If you do have the urge from Chinese food, go for the steamed vegetables and avoid soy sauce.

4. Store-Bought Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Muffins, and Doughnuts

These desserts are spell nothing but blood sugar spikes and trips to the bathroom for diabetics. Avoid these processed treats containing loads of refined sugars, artificial flavors, and saturated fats. Craving something sweet? Go for fresh fruit or raw nuts for a much healthier snack option.

5. Cheeseburgers

If you’re diabetic, avoid restaurant burgers at all costs. They are not made with your health in mind. Besides being high in saturated fat and cholesterol, they’re usually served on white buns with fries. These only increase your blood sugar, risk of heart disease, and weight. If you need a burger, try a veggie option, and wrap it in lettuce. Try some vegetables on the side—fries don’t count!

6. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks could very well be the baddest of the bad guys. They contain more refined sugar than anyone should be consuming. Also, they’re full of artificial ingredients and nasty chemicals you want to avoid. Although they are unhealthy for everyone, soft drinks are an especially bad choice for diabetics. They have a horrific impact on blood sugar. Try coffee or tea if you need something other than water.

Feeling down that we’ve crossed all of your favorite foods off the list? No need to fear!

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