Top Foods to Avoid if You’re Diabetic

Top Foods to Avoid if You’re Diabetic

If you are diabetic, you understand the risks involved with eating certain foods that are high in fat, sugar or refined carbs. Though these kinds of foods are not healthy for anyone and we would never recommend anyone to eat them regularly, they are even more dangerous for people with diabetes who are more likely to become obese, suffer strokes or heart attacks, develop heart disease, and have increased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and uncontrollable blood sugar.

These are problems nobody wants to deal with, so be sure to keep your diabetes controlled by avoiding these dangerous foods:

  1. Coffee Drinks

Did you know the cup of joe you pick up every morning from your local coffee shop could contain more than half the calories of a regular sized meal? While black coffee is safe for diabetics to enjoy, once you begin to add tablespoons of refined white sugar and cream, milk or half-and-half to your drink, the fat and sugar content turns into a diet disaster, totally a bad idea if you are diabetic. Instead, enjoy a cup of warm water in the morning with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon.

  1. Fried Fish and Chicken

Fish coated in batter and deep-fried in vegetable oil may taste like summer on the West Coast, but it is a high-calorie criminal for people with diabetes. Usually containing more than a thousand calories, typical fried chicken or battered fish meals that include fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes or hush puppies are something you definitely want to avoid. Stick with oven-roasted fish seasoned with lemon and rosemary. Or better yet, opt for a vegetarian alternative like roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.

  1. Chinese Food Takeout

Between the white rice, orange chicken, pork dumblings and greasy lo mein, Chinese food takeout is not a diabetic-friendly meal option. Loaded with greasy, sauces high in sodium and the refined carbs in the rice and noodles, these kinds of food are better left in the smoky kitchens from whence they originate.

  1. Store-Bought Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Muffins, and Doughnuts

While being obviously tasty, store-bought desserts spell nothing but a blood sugar spike and trips to the bathroom for diabetics. Avoid these overly processed treats containing loads of refined sugars, artificial flavorings and saturated fats. Go for a fresh piece of fruit and some raw nuts for a much healthier snack option.

  1. Restaurant Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

If you’re diabetic, avoid restaurant burgers at all costs. They are not made with your health in mind. Besides being high in saturated fat and cholesterol, most burgers you can find on restaurant menus are served on white bread buns and come with fries, which only add to your blood sugar disaster waiting to happen and obviously increases your risk of heart disease and obesity.

  1. Soft Drinks

Regular soft drinks contain more refined sugar than anyone should be consuming as well as artificial ingredients and other nasty chemicals you want to avoid. Although they are unhealthy for anyone, soft drinks are an especially bad beverage choice for diabetics as the sugar they contain has a have a horrific impact on blood sugar.

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