The 3-Step Process to Eat and Feel Like an Athlete

Some people live lifestyles that don’t allow the time to do anymore for their physical bodies than simply stay in shape. They make it to the gym a couple times a week and eat healthy enough to stay slim, but they don’t work on building serious muscle or endurance. For those of you who are interested in doing more than just staying slim, here is a simple three-step formula to taking your physical health to the next level and pushing yourself to become an athlete.

STAGE ONE: Prepare.

Make the decision to take things to the next level and also choose what sport you’d like to get into to stay fit and healthy and build muscle. By definition, if you are an athlete, you likely will engage regularly in at least one type of sport. Since there are hundreds of sports to choose from, narrow it down to half a dozen or less and then choose which sports you’d like to focus the majority of your time and energy on.

Clean out your fridge and pantry of any processed foods that contain little nutritional value. Get rid of those Twinkies and potato chips, please. These kinds of snacks will only slow down your progress. It may seem like a waste to throw them away, but keeping them around will only tempt you to give in, and you will regret it later. Also look for unhealthy food in their sneakier forms—a regular jar of tomato sauce can contain more refined sugar than anyone should be eating if they want to get healthy and ripped.

Now stock up on the good stuff—wholesome, natural foods like quinoa, bananas, beans, lentils, nuts, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, squash, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. The food you eat plays an enormous role in your journey to athleticism. If you want to be fit and have the endurance you need to participate in sports, you will need to be sure you are fueling your body with quality nutrition on a daily basis.

STAGE TWO: “Just do it.”

Now that you’ve prepared, it’s time to set your schedule and get down to business. Be consistent in your training and sports practice sessions. Let your body get into the swing of things and it will be able to function at its peak. Get plenty of sleep. Drink plenty of water. Discipline yourself. Athletes know that success only comes through hard work and perseverance. If you can master these, you have what it takes to become a strong athlete.

It’s crucially important that you pay special attention to what you eat as you train and build your body’s skills and strength. Eat organic, non-GMO wholefoods and superfoods to boost your energy and immune system. Get your quality protein and fats from beans, lentils, avocado, brown rice, quinoa, and nuts and seeds. Your body will reward you when you give it what it craves—healthy, wholesome nourishment.

STAGE THREE: Stay on track.

Once you begin to see the results of your hard work in your toned abs and increased stamina, it may be tempting to get lazy with your diet and workout routine. But don’t let this happen. At this stage, the hardest work is over, but it never truly finishes. In order to be a true athlete you will have to continue to eat and feel like an athlete. You won’t feel much like an athlete if your have to face by your opponent out on the tennis court and realize how rusty your moves have become from lack of practice.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it certainly gets you as close as you’ll ever come. You must continue to eat well, exercise often, and practice the sports you love to increase your skills and maintain your body’s peak condition. And if you want to continue building strength, speed and stamina, you’ll have to push yourself harder every day, every week. Without pushing yourself, you cannot continue to grow and improve.

These three steps make up the formula that must be followed if you want to become a strong, skilled athlete. It takes time, hard work and dedication, but if you persevere and follow this formula, success will be yours.

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