Gluten-Free Recipes

Many believe that eating gluten-free means you have to miss out on all of your favorite foods, but nothing can be further from the truth. Gluten is a protein that’s in wheat products. It’s what gives bread that stretchy, elastic quality to it. Some people with Celiac disease are allergic to gluten while others try to avoid it for their... Continue Reading

Is Rice Gluten-Free?

Gluten-free is one of the biggest fads in food right now. So it's hard to know what foods contain gluten and which don't. Is rice gluten-free? Some people are going gluten-free because they prefer it. But for others, it’s a matter of health. Because those with celiac disease have an intense gluten allergy and must avoid it all costs. The... Continue Reading
Weight Loss

Gluten-Free Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Many people recommend a gluten-free diet plan to lose weight. But when it comes to a gluten-free diet, people have a lot of questions. Is it a good idea? Will it help you lose weight? Is it even healthy? First things first, can you follow a gluten-free diet plan to lose weight? The answer is yes. However, simply eliminating gluten... Continue Reading

6 Things You Need to Know About Gluten

Did you know that gluten is a type of protein? Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of protein you want to be packing into your body if you want to increase muscle strength and energy. In fact, it is rather ironic that the majority of all food produced in America contains gluten, as it is the one food on planet earth... Continue Reading

Top 7 Vegan Superfoods for Diabetics

If you’re diabetic, you’re probably in search of quality food and advice for living a healthier lifestyle. We hear talk of “superfoods” a lot, for good reason. Because these are low in unwanted fats, sugars, and carbs, and contain high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients. But are there superfoods for diabetics? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a rundown of... Continue Reading
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