Speed Up Weight Loss with Pomegranate Juice

You may have heard the craze about how superfruits like bluerberries and acai berries can help speed up your weight loss. But recently, pomegranates, the latest player on the stage, are causing quite a stir in the health community. This unique fruit originated in Northern India and is known to offer a range of nutritional benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants and is touted for its ability to prevent cancer, improve skin health, and even boost your sex life.

Now researchers are saying pomegranates have the ability to aid in weight loss based on studies that showed people drinking a liter of pomegranate juice a day experienced less hunger than their counterparts who were given placebos.

The studies were done by researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Volunteers were given pomegranate supplement tablets for three weeks and then sat down to a meal where they were given a glass of pomegranate juice to drink before. The volunteers who had been taking the supplements and drank the juice ate 20 percent less than those who had not. They also reported that the meal tasted better and made them feel more satisfied. In conclusion, the group being given the pomegranate supplements and juice felt 21 percent less of a desire to eat and 12 percent less hungry than the placebo group.

Researchers say this is likely due to the polyphenols found in pomegranates which act as an appetite suppressant. Further studies will need to be done, however, to fully confirm this theory.

Regardless of why it works…it works.

Drinking pomegranate juice is also known to help lower blood pressure and help fight cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, various previous studies have shown that pomegranates can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as your chances of stroke and heart disease.

If you want to prevent cancer, lower your blood pressure, increase your sex drive, get better-looking skin and lose weight fast, drink pure, organic pomegranate juice that has not been diluted or had added sugars and preservatives mixed into it. Drinking a couple glasses a day will help decrease your appetite, make you feel fuller and more satisfied after each meal, and even help you enjoy the flavor of your food more as was proven by the Edinburgh study.

While there is never any magic key to weight loss, there are definitely things you can do and foods you can eat (or drink, in this case) that can significantly speed up your journey to a healthier, slimmer you. Besides helping you to lose weight faster, drinking pomegranate juice will boost your immune system with its powerful antioxidants and give you clearer, younger-looking skin. And who doesn’t want to prevent cancer and increase their sex drive?

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