Secrets How Food Marketers Sell Meat

As a marketing professional working for a nutrition company that provides a healthy vegan diet meal delivery service, I’ve become more aware that an increasing number of food products on the market tout claims such as “animal friendly”, “natural”, or “sustainable”. The meat industry knows that not only are some consumers eager to make more informed purchasing decisions, many of them are also willing to pay more for products they perceive to be more aligned with their values or concerns. It’s all about the marketing – these labels may have a significance as to how consumers make their purchasing decisions, but sadly not a lot of good for the animals.

I was startled when I came across this video (PLEASE FORWARD TO A FRIEND). A food industry consultant reveals the shameful secrets that marketers use to sell meat and other animal products. In this video she shows how animal agriculture companies:

  • Use vague but trendy terms
  • Emphasize progress and innovation to distract attention away from neg conversations, such as touting technological advancements rather than discussing overuse of antibiotics.
  • Capitalize on the public’s willful ignorance – the idea that people avoid the truth so they don’t have to change.

So what’s the best way to guarantee that the food you eat is healthy? It’s simple: we can leave animals off our plates altogether. Visit Fresh N Lean to sign up for delicious plant-based vegan meals, or to read our blog full informational news worth knowing.